April 19, 2014

This Weekend's Steals and Deals at Felicity

Yvonne will be available in Metallic Pink Dust, Metallic Teal Opal and Metallic Purple Perfume for Steals and Deals at Felicity.  Hope everyone has a very happy and Blessed Easter!


Hair:  Chichickie Jessie (60L Weekend)
Dress:  LIV Glam Falling @ The Monochromatic Fair
Poses by The Muse Poses

April 18, 2014

Sexual Healing for the Weekend

The weekend is here and LIV Glam has several designs for 60L Weekend.  Sexual Healing is sweet and sexy at the same time.  Leather and lace makes Sexual Healing sensual!  A color hud allows for 6 color/texture changes.  

60L Weekend at LIV Glam
Sexual Healing

Hair:  CaTwA Evie
Tights:  Designer Tights Holey purchased on the Marketplace
Boots:  LIV Glam Parrow Thigh High Strapped @ Designer Showcase
Poses by Diesel Works
Location:  Torley's Island

April 17, 2014

LIV Glam is at the Monochromatic Fair

Monochrome - describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one color (Wikipedia).  LIV Glam has several outfits at the Monochromatic Fair that starts on April 18, and one is Am I Wrong, a belted tunic/dress with leggings.  A color hud allows color/texture changes in the tunic/dress, belt and leggings.

LIV Glam at the Monochromatic Fair

Hair:  Tukinowaguma Erminia
Earrings:  soulsick Warm Sunset purchased on the Marketplace
Shoes:  LIV Glam Mystic Pump
Poses by The Muse Poses

Phoebe's at The Comic Fair

The Comic Fair started on April 15 and will run until the end of the month.  Phoebe's Piercings has the Pin Up Sunglasses in multicolors.  These cute little glasses feature a bow that also changes color separately from the glasses.  

Phoebe's Piercings at The Comic Fair

Hair:  ploom Imogen
Butterfly jewelry:  Izzie's (April group gift)
Dress:  In-Pose Hello Gifty (subscribe gift)
Shoes:  LIV Glam Mystic Pump (for Slink mid feet) Secret Wednesday
Poses by Morgane Batista TRPH5

April 16, 2014

Hippity Hoppity Easter is on its Way

And, if you are looking for that Easter outfit, head on over to LIV Glam for Secret Wednesday.  I Can't Stand the Rain is a dress that will suit you for the occasion.  A color hud allows 12 color/texture changes.  And to go with I Can't Stand the Rain, Mystic - a high heel shoe with strap and bow.  This shoe is for Slink mid feet.  You also have color choices (60 in all) with an included hud.  And, last but NOT least, is Minirosa - a handbag that not only includes a color hud (12 color choices) BUT an AO to pose with your bag so you are not hitting yourself in the head when you move.  Storax has several items that you can use in your home decor.  The Vintage Plant Stand Rose Bushes comes in several rose and pot colors.  All are perfect for your Easter celebration so hop on over to LIV Glam and Storax today!

LIV Glam 
Storax Tree

Hair:  Majika Shimmer (New)

April 14, 2014

Beloved Jewelry @ Flawless

Beloved Jewelry is at the Flawless Hug the Earth Cart Sale and Hunt, which started April 11 and will run until the 27th.  Lyric is a necklace and earring set with texture changing metals and stones.  A gorgeous set to compliment any outfit in your wardrobe.  Go hunting for the flower pendant and earring set. 

Beloved Jewelry @ Flawless Hug the Earth Cart Sale and Hunt

Hair:  Emo-tions Rob
Dress:  FLRN Design Emma @ MC Fashion Event
Poses by Diesel Works (March gift)

April 12, 2014

Madrid Solo

Easter will be here in a couple of weeks and Madrid Solo has a beautiful Spring inspired makeup.  The unisex Spring Fling - splashes of pinks, yellows and greens - Easter colors!

Madrid Solo Spring Fling 

Hair:  LoQ'ue Brandy II
Earring:  Finesmith Possession April group gift
Lips:  Glamorize Hello Lips in Bubblegum
Top:  LIV Glam Run the World (part of outfit)
Pose by Glitterati (no longer open inworld)