February 28, 2011

Today was my lucky day!

Two hair styles and one skin won on a lucky board today!!

Heart Softens here

Oceane's Skins Here.  There are several lucky boards - one in the outlet and two inside the main store.

"Checkered Past"

I love this top - I prefer to wear it short with jeans.  This is the group gift from Lo*momo

Hair group gift from EMO-tions

February 27, 2011

Helpful Tip - Organizing Inventory

Oh gawd, we all know what a nightmare it is to keep our inventory organized (or do you even try??).  Well a LONG time ago my besty - Islandgirl Islay - came up with this brilliant idea to take pictures of her inventory and then save on her puter.  And let me tell you - this has saved me HOURS looking for an outfit or shoes or hair to wear.  Here is what I have done:

1.  Create a folder on your puter called Second Life;
2.  Create sub folders - Hair, Shoes, Boots, Clothes, however you want to break it down and whatever works best for you.  I even created subfolders in subfolders to break down even further (example - if you create a folder called Hair - then I have subs called Long and then sub by color - blacks, reds, blondes, etc);
3.  When you take your pics you will do a "Save as" and then save to the appropriate folders in your Second Life folder.
4.  My folders in SL are named the same so I can find them easily when searching my pics on the puter.

Yes, this does take a long time, but believe me it is totally worth it.  I never have to wonder, what does that outfit called "xyz" look like??  I go to my pics on the puter and voila - I can match an outfit to shoes and jewelry in no time!!!

Hope this will help you in organizing your inventory.  Or if you have other ideas, I would love to hear them.  I am always looking for ways to make my SL life even better!!

February 25, 2011

Gimme a Head with Hair - Long Beautiful Hair

I decided to post my fave long hair styles.  I will be doing the same with all other styles - short, medium, ponys, and upstyles at a later date.  These are not in order of preference.

#1 - Damselfly
#2 - Iconic Couture 
#2 - BC322
#4 & #5 - Alli & Ali

Vinyl we go to A Bomb of a Makeover

Vinyl Cafe has a 1L sale every day.  If you don't catch the sale that day, you can still buy the outfit but will pay 50 for it.

Found these cute zebra shoes, which change color at A Bomb for 69L Hump Day.  I went today and they were still there on sale.  

Makeup was from a MM at Elegant Epiffany - several colors in the pack.  

February 24, 2011

Boot scootin' to Bubblez and Bukka

Patience pays off!  The boots were on a Lucky Board at Bukka.  You click the boot for a choice of lengths - short to middle to long!  Or you could wear one long and one short :)

I had the boots on, and was trying on the group gift from Bubblez Design, and thought, this is perfect together.  

Blak Opal

This is a freebie from Blak Opal .  Just look for the gold star in the back of the store in the ladies section.  The hair was FREE from Imagine.

February 23, 2011

Beautiful and Bombshell

Beautiful Dirty Rich has some cool freebies and 1L hair - just a few of them --

Take the taxi to BDR

Got this great outfit at Bombshell Outfitters (belt not included).  Subscribe and then check the history.  

Grumble, grumble, grumble

No, I am not grumbling but this outfit comes from there.  I used one of my gift cards that I won from the many MM's they have going on there.  Several different $$ amounts you can win.  Warning - this store has some serious lag going on so be patient - it will be worth it.  Grumble

I just LOVE this outfit - I think it is one of my favorites!!  So many different ways to wear it!

New from FA Creations

This is on sale for only 99L and jewelry is included (bracelet and necklace).  I love the color combo!

February 22, 2011


This dress reminded me of something from the 60s and the hair style as well.  The dress is a group gift from 
c.A. chocolate telier .  The hair is from Savoir Hair.  

Thanks to my pal gal ;)

My shopping buddy Errin Laville took me to Savoir Hair, where you can get free or 1L hair!  These two styles appealed to me ;).  I am using a black hairbase with each, as I don't think I look good almost bald!


Got some really good bargains at Astra's Designs.  This outfit (which comes in the purple and brown) was just 10L!!

I've Been Banned!

Well, not really!  That is the name of the latest group gift from Ydea.  The outfit comes with pink boots which are not shown.  
Vinyl Cafe - The Dominion Fashion District  has a new group gift - the socks change colors!

February 21, 2011

Everything is Beautiful.........

At Chameleon Designs that is!  Beautiful jewelry sets from designer Kip Jewell (what a perfect last name!).  Following are two of his collections.  

Medallion Blue - the locket opens up and you can put whatever pic you want in there.  I chose the Yellow Rose of Texas since I am a Texas gal!!  The set includes necklace, earrings and a ring!

Inspiration - Beautiful beige bead set includes necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet.  

Take the limo Here.  A special thanks to Kip for the wonderful jewelry  :)

February 18, 2011

I See Dots!

I love polka dots and I used my gift card from Grumble to get this outfit (shoes included).  They have several MM boards with different $L amounts that you can enter to win.  If you belong to their group, you can enter to win $L1000!!  I still have more to buy from there, but their SIM is very laggy due to everyone shopping at the same time!

February 17, 2011


I LOVE the netting on this dress and the flow-y-ness.  This was free at Astra's Limo

Also in the same Sim is Chameleon Designs, unique jewelry.  I picked up this bracelet for 5L.  It is black but has rotating color - very pretty!!

Limo to Chameleon Designs 

February 16, 2011

Some black and some lace

Join the group at Vinyl Cafe here  and get the outfit.  

I love the smell of leather........

This outfit contains two different pant versions and 4 shirt versions (I did put a black heart pastie with the black belted long sleeved shirt, was a little too revealing for my taste).  Also includes boots, which work with V2 and since I don't use V2 so they wouldn't work for me.  Also included in the pack are two bracelets.  So this is a steal for 59L!!  I found the same boot at LaRosa in the outlet section for only 35L.  I LOVE long nails, but these are even longer.  They are 159L at MStyle, but I think well worth it.  The makeup (Bolt) I got at a Cart Sale for only 9L!

Outfit:  Here
Boots:  LaRosa Outlet
Nails:  Style - Break Your Neck MStyle
Makeup: (Bolt) Cart Sale

February 14, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow....

Ok, this is my LAST post for today, my clicker hand is tired!  But I wanted to showcase all of the Valentine's Hair that I found.  I am sure there are plenty more out there (and I tried and tried to win one on a LB and I was not lucky!).  I love themed hair.  I think it makes the outfits more interesting and fun!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone 

Beautiful, Dirty and Rich!

I was so happy to see that BDR is back!!  This is the latest group gift and shoes are included!  You can choose from either black or white lace.  BDR

Gold and Red Bangles by Chop Zoey Limo (group gift).  She always has beautiful group gifts.  


Ok, I am feeling the pressure!  Have a lot to show and not much time (you know, gotta celebrate RL V Day too :)  

Gizza has a new group gift out and it is GORGEOUS!!!  Gizza

Hair is by Exile (group gift)

Ydea has a new group gift out as well.  It is VERY sexy!  Ydea

Hair - Hair Shop Nidoka (group gift)
Skin Orage Creations 1L

More to come..............

What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love.....

I didn't have a catchy title to this until I was listening to XM on TV and this song was on - What the World Needs Now.  Funny how things just happen!!
Lika Ruby is one of my fave places.  The outfits are unique and the details are beautiful.  This is the latest group gift.  Like Ruby

Ok, had to have this hair - another Valentine-y look from Agnes Finney - Lyrique and only 10L!
Agnes Finney - My Precious

Earrings - group gift G Field G Field


New group gift from Purrfect 10 (the standard group).  This group is free but there is a VIP you can join for 510L.  P10

Group gift from Chichickie - rose changes colors 

Group gift from DCNY


Entice is at the Enchantment event with the Work Bra, Shirt and Skirt (sold individually).  The inspiration is Grimm.  Also, Entice offers...

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