March 31, 2011

I am in a state of Utopia...

Yesterday, I was a bridesmaid at the wedding of a good friend in both SL and RL.  This is the dress the bride chose for her bridesmaids - it is GORGEOUS!!!  

Dress - Utopia
Shoes - Pure (silver)

Best wishes for a long and happy partnership for Sam and Hani!!!


I dream of Jeannie in the light brown hair!  Group gift from Nanashi

Love Cats  - Illicit - boots are included!

I am a huge fan of animal print paired with a solid color and this "captured" my attention on the Marketplace
for only 1L!!  Rawrrrrrrrr

March 28, 2011


Latest voting and group gifts from A&A (March 25 gifts)

Hecate - you can change streak colors 

Winny - band color changes

Here Comes Trey's Cottontail.....

The April group gift from Puddle Jumpers.  Will cost you 10L to join, but who can resist such a cute outfit!
Hair - Heart Softens - Lucky Board (Gemy)
Necklace and earrings NC Paris (customer gift)

March 26, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is my absolute fave time of year!  So I have put together some outfits that I gathered from some hunts or group gifts for Spring.

Barlow group gift (no fee to join)

Ellie's Attic - TTH (Timeless Treasures Hunt)

 Gugu Dada - Moolto Hunt

Flowerdreams - Fruits of Eden Hunt

Fabienne Bolissima Couture - French Touch Hunt 
Shoes - Shiny Things - subscribe gift

Paris Metro - TTH

Shiki - TTH
Duh - TTH

Ala Folie - The French Touch Hunt 

March 24, 2011

The Lion Queen

I created this look from group gift and hunt items.  I LOVE this skin - it is unique for me.  Look for more uniqueness in the future.  

Skin - Lionskins (Diamond is Mine Hunt2)
Outfit - Ydea (group gift includes boots and bracelets)
Hair - EMO-tions (Timeless Treasures Hunt - closed)
Nails and Eyelashes - MStyle
Necklace - Ganked
Earrings - Glamorize

March 22, 2011

Spring is in the Air with Pink Label

I absolutely adore this dress!!  The fabric is so springy and reminds me of something I wore as a kid (well, I AM still a kid at heart!).  This one was sent out to group members but Talena is working on other colors as well.  You get a variation as far as bows on the belt.  Go grab one (or more) here

They Call me Mellow Yellow.......color challenge

Ok, this was really a challenge as I discovered I don't have much in the way of yellow outfits.  So now I know what I will be doing - shopping for yellow!!  

Outfit - Evolve
Shoes - N Core
Hair - Sirena (Kitty)
Earrings - Glamorize
Makeup - Rozena (eyes)
Bracelet - Chop Zoey 
Nails - Studio Nails
Eyes - Oceane's Beauty 

Thank Gawd I'm A Country Girl (again)

I absolutely love the western look (well I am a Texan after all).  So when LaRosa came out with Texas style boots, I HAD to have them.  You can buy them with or without the spurs and the price varies.

LaRosa 199 w spurs

Bracelet - group gift Chop Zoey (fee to join)
Belt - Kitties Lair 55L

Hair - A&A Voting Gift "Crystal" (can be streaked)

Earrings - Glamorize Lucky Board 

Lag, lag, lag

We've all experienced this in SL.  SO I stumbled across this t-shirt (free) that says "I Gave Up Lag for Lent" and couldn't resist it!!

Dollarbie a Day (3-21) at Vinyl Cafe.  Every day there is a different dollarbie.  

Earrings (comes with necklace too) "Amy set 6" -  15L - Glamorize
Hair - A&A Group gift Crystal Ash.  This can be streaked!!

March 19, 2011

End of the Hunt -

I FINALLY got everything unpacked from the Moolto hunt.  Following are some of those items.....

Ana's Secret



Gold in the Night


Lushish Cats


Morea Style

Orage Creations



March 17, 2011

Many more Moolto..............

I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as unpacking from the Moolto hunt.  A few from that hunt.....

Makeup - A'vion


Bliss Couture

Lovers Playground

DD Style

Elegant Epiffany - mega pack of makeup 


Angel Dessous


Sweetheart ID

Virtual Impression

More to come......

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