May 31, 2011

Cost is no issue with free!

I LOVE the lucky chairs, boards and Midnight Mania's in SL - a great way to get quality items and you don't pay a thing!

Ok, I spent a WHOLE Linden on this outfit, which includes the top and pants at Candy Metal.  I love the buckles on the bottom of the pants!

Heart Softens  Lucky Board - Hime 

1st four pics - Baby Monkey LB's or MM's
Next two pics - Pixel Mode subscriber gift
Bottom pic  - Latreia LB

May 29, 2011

Tigers and zebras - oh my!

Well, kind of!  Moars (here) had the zebra outfit on their MM board and the tiger one for a dollar.  

I LOVE this hair - I am a funky punky kinda gal sometimes and the wilder the better!  This was a group gift from Keltva.  Comes in a fatpack of colors (hair base not included).  

The skin is from Al Vulo (group gift)
Shoes - Tara - gift Tara shoes
Earrings - Chop Zoey group gift here Pocahontas 

May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Memorial Day is a day of rememberance in America for those who fought for our country's freedom so we can enjoy the benefit.  Most of us celebrate with parades, BBQ's and get togethers.  When I got the notice from Simply Britnee for the hair, I knew what I had to do to celebrate!!

Hair by Simply Britnee 1L

More Group gifts!

There are some really great group gifts out there and following are some to showcase:

I feel like I need to go to a garden party or the Kentucky Derby in this cute outfit!  Comes with gloves and the hat at Nanashi (activate group tag to receive gift).  

Vinyl Cafe (cab) offers this cute pleated black dress as their most current group gift (wear tag to receive).

OMG - the shoes!!  P10 has done it again - these are the group gift for the standard group (no fee).  You may also join the VIP group for 510L and receive other designs in shoes as well.  Taxi to P10.

Boots, boots and boots - I LOVE boots!
1st pic - Latreia MM board
2nd pic - Pixeldolls (free).  They come in brown too in the same box. 

May 25, 2011

Deals and free!

Oceane's Beauty is having a HUGE sale in the outlet on skins, eyes, and silks.  I picked up a couple of skins for only 10L EACH!!  Not sure how long this will last so get over there fast.  Eyes come with each skin.  Feataured are Romy and Leona.

Draake (here) has two pair of boots for FREE if you join the group! 

Paris Metro items for free (two different locations)

May 24, 2011

Da Feet!

No - not defeat, but FOR the feet!!  First, Latreia is a new store opening in SL and as a promotion, she is offering FREE boots or shoes.  Following is her notecard:

***********Latreia FootFashions***********
          ******High Quality, Low Price*******

Now till June 5th you are invited to check out the newest shoe store on SL. Pick out a pair and write a notecard with your name and selection. PLEASE name the notecard "free shoes, name"
and drop in my mail box in entrance of store.  Shoes vary from Heels, boots, sneakers, rainboots, uggs and many more. Some are Hud'd with skin and nail options. ALL very cheap priced.

Selections are ALL shoes in store EXCEPT the Texture Changers. So basically any shoe  400L and under.

I will send you your selection within 24hours to you.
I am usually pretty quick at sending. I will NOT send to you if you send directly to me, i have a mailbox set up for a reason so please use it. I will only send the shoes to the person who wrote the notecard. So if your alt wants shoes, your alt can write a nc too. This is ONE pair per person and yes i check..

While your there join the Latreia Group for updates, sales and freebies.

I am allowing you all to pass this notecard to anyone and in any groups you can. This is a grid wide giveaway and a HUGE promotion.

There are no strings, i dont want a credit card or your id# lol. Just tp into store, pick your fav, write in notecard, and drop in mailbox.
Any questions feel free to IM me.

Four FREEBIES to be found in the store:

These are the boots I chose - Exstacy in black/grey - I LOVE them!!

Taxi for Latreia

Met a new friend yesterday and she gave me the LM to Mary Jane Shoes.  Two group gifts - one for MJS (Zebra) and one for BOSL:

Couldn't pass these up from Vinyl Cafe Dollarbie a day (5-24).  

May 23, 2011

More Free!

Group and subscribe gifts, plus Lucky Board items!!

Found a new place for Neko outfits called Katia Soma - got this one free!  Cute items!!

Latest gift sent to subscribe members from Chichickie

Heart Softens has reached 8000 members so this is her gift for the group!!  

Lucky Board items at Heart Softens.  HS.  The blonde is at the location provided but there is another location and I forgot to get the tp location - sorry!!

May 21, 2011

Give me a head with hair.................

MORE hair!  What did I tell you :)

Picture 1 - Bishwear here  Buy the demo and free hair inside 
Picture 2 & 3 - Lamb here (two fatpack styles for FREE)

Oceane's Beauty is closing her outlet so I hopped on over to buy some eyes for only 25L.  She has ALL colors!!  These are animal silver.  

Outfit from Virtual Attire Midnight Mania.  A different MM every day!!

May 19, 2011

Oops! I did it again!!

I can't help it, I just have a thing for hair and today I reached my 340th style (341 to be exact!).  Thanks to my friend Eli, she gave me the LM for Hairoin which has some REALLY cute styles.  So I tp'd over and HAD to have one of them (for now one!).

Top picture - Marketplace (free) here.  I used my own hairbase that I had (from DeeTalz), as it does not come with one.  
Bottom Picture - Hairoin - Diva in Ghost colors (250L)

May 18, 2011

Hair!! Skin!! and more!!

I could not resist this dress, for one it is called the Texas minidress, and since I am from Texas, it hit home.  This outfit is only available here LpD, at this location as all donations go to Doctor's Without Borders.  After I bought the dress then walked a little ways and I saw the sign for Plume - and being a hair fanatic, I had to go in.  Well, I couldn't resist this style.  So I splurged and spent some money - can't take it with you anyway!  :)

Dress - LpD - 200L
Hair - Plume - 250L.  Comes in a two color pack and the wisp, chopsticks and hair pins are color changeable.  
(all on the same SIM)

I got lucky on the Lucky Board at Pinky Gals and won the white outfit.  There is a mini hunt going on in the store where you can win all the colors of the outfit, but I couldn't find the item.  No matter, I love this outfit!!

The skin and eyes are a group gift from Perception.  

May 14, 2011

I Feel Pretty...........

Oh so pretty in all the new items I just got!

Outfit - Curious Kitties group gift
Shoes - P10 Lazy Sunday 75L or less event (tp here to subscribe and get the notices)
Bracelet - Chop Zoey group gift

Vanity Hair  60L Weekend sale 

Heart Softens Lucky Board (one of two styles)

May 13, 2011

I am addicted......

To hair!!!  I have now acquired 330 styles of hair - is there a support group in SL for hair addiction? Hello my name is Trey and I am a hair-aholic!

Creatives   49L  Katy - Special edition section

Vinyl Cafe   - outfit group gift
Hair - Lamb subscribe gift sent to members

I love this punk look.  Outfit from Delirium Lucky Board 

May 12, 2011

More group gifts and Lucky Board items

I am having a hard time lately keeping up with the group gifts and even the Lucky Boards (I have been lucky!).  Following are a few items.....

Picture 1 - Gizza group gift for May
Picture 2 - Marret group gift
Picture 3 - Paris Metro Lazy Daisy Hunt (look for the daisy)

LpD  (join group to get dress - no fee to join)

Rock Candy  gift 

Hair - Heart Softens Lucky Board 
Skin - Lara Hurley Subscribe gift 

W&Y group gift - free to join (comes in various colors)

May 9, 2011

Lotsa Group gifts!

Yesterday I was checking my group notices as I don't always get them and wow, I hit the jackpot!!

Outfit - Ydea May group gift
Hair - A&A Voting present 5-6
Jewelry - NC Paris group gift
Skin - Oceane's Beauty May group gift
Shoes - NC Paris (can be worn with or without ankle strap)

May 5, 2011

And MORE hair!!

YAY!!  Two groups celebrating 1000s of members with group gifts - hair!!

1st picture - Diva  - over 10000 members group gift.  Comes in various colors and scarf changes color as well.
2nd picture - Heart Softens - 7000 members group gift.  Comes in various colors as well.

May 2, 2011

Hair Today.......

Anyone who knows me knows I am a hair fanatic.  I now have over 300 styles of hair!!!  Following is what I found this weekend....

Vanity Hair 60L Weekend sale

Heart Softens  Lucky Board
Ray Skins Lucky Board (2nd floor)

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