August 30, 2011

Hurry! Grixdales is closing.....

Tomorrow (Wednesday, August 31) is the last day the store will be open.  Hurry and get some free makeups!  The packs come with several colors and they are PURTY!!

August 29, 2011

Chop Zoey and Hudson's

The latest group gift from Chop Zoey is this stunning necklace.....

Baby doll tops from Hudson's -- new group gift.  These are just too cute!!

August 27, 2011

This "Diva" is full of "EMO-tions"

Diva is offering their group members this hairstyle for achieving 15000 members!  It comes in two styles and 10 colors in each style!!!

EMO-tions new group gift is Aaron and is a unisex style....

August 26, 2011

I'm a Wild Woman!

Received a whole wardrobe from Prim and Pixel today - several pieces that can be worn many ways.  I LOVE animal print so I was excited to get this!!

August 25, 2011

"Orange" cha glad I posted this

It's been a while since I posted a color challenge and with Fall coming (not soon enough for us Texans), I decided to do all orange.  It wasn't too hard to find items in orange tones.

Looking Fine with some gifts!

Finesmith has reopened their store and offer this group gift of the outfit and necklace.....

The first skin is the group gift from Maiden Couture - comes with two skin tones.  The second skin is from Apple May Designs (AMD -Your Inner Bunny Hunt 1L).  This one comes in 7 skin tones!

In RL I am a shoe fanatic so when I find shoes in SL for free or low price, I grab them.  The first pair are from Adam and Eve - Maria shoes for only 10L.  The second picture are group gift shoes from Maiden Couture as well. 

August 24, 2011


I went to PeKaS and found the subscribe gift for both men and women, so decided to try on both! 
I am only wearing the shirt for the men's gift, which includes pants and a belt.  I love the women's gift, make me feel a little Southwestern, which I am!!

I was just hanging around my place and got a gift from Pink Label - how cool is that!  This includes the shoes with two variations (only one shown)

A friend told me about free prim eyes at Insufferable Dastard so I rushed on over and discovered not only the eyes, but two lip colors as well.  One comes with a six pack and all are FREE!

August 22, 2011

Hunt at Oceane's

There is a hunt going on at Oceane's sim; various shops are participating.  You are looking for a little fishie and each will cost you 10L.  Today I found the lingerie at Carries and then the eyes at Oceane's. 

August 19, 2011

Hunting and Lucky Boards!

I love hunting and I love the lucky boards and today I found and won some really nice items. 

Platinum Hunt - A&A Fashion.  You get an outfit including shoes and nails!  I am not wearing the pants or shoes that came with the outfit. 
Dress - Baiastice Platinum Hunt
Necklace/Earrings - Alienbear Platinum Hunt
Hair - Fab Pony Lucky Board
Skin - Censored Fairy skin light - Lucky Board

Hair - LoQ Platinum Hunt
Earrings - Zaara - Platinum Hunt

The eyes are the latest group gift from Oceane's.  There are 10 colors in the pack and if you are not part of the Oceane family (FREE to join), I strongly encourage you to join.  She never fails to have awesome group gifts.  I am wearing the purple yellow mix.  The skin is from Censored - Karolayne (lucky board)

August 17, 2011

August 16, 2011

I'm Telling the Truth

I splurged today and bought one of the new hairsyles from Truth - Juliette.  I absolutely adore this hairstyle.  So much so, that I am seriously thinking about having mine done like this in RL!!  You can wear it with the band (color changeable) or with streaks, also color changeable.  Wish it were that easy coloring your hair in RL!!  I purchased the light blonde pack and you get 7 variations of the color you chose for only 250L.  Now that is a bargain to me!

August 15, 2011

Be Your Inner Bunny!

Went on Your Inner Bunny Hunt today and found some really nice items and......everything's a Linden!

Shirt - Ilayla
Skirt - Les Petits Details
Shoes - PixelFashion (color change hud)
Hair - Ari (streaks change color)
Eye makeup - Moonshadow (includes eyelashes)

So go find YOUR inner bunny!

August 13, 2011

Groups gifts!

I love group gifts and Finesmith and A&A, as usual, have some really good ones. 

Voting gift for 8-12 - Jenna
Hair - A&A Group gift 8-12 Amy
Necklace and earrings - Finesmith August group gift

This is the winter group gift from Argrace - can be worn with or without the ear muffs.  At this point I am ready for some ear muffs.  In Texas, we are suffering from the second worst drought in history.  Some places have had highs in the 100s for over 40 days and no rain!  All I can say is - come on winter!!

August 12, 2011

Happy Rez Day -- To Me!!!

In the beginning, there was Second Life and Treycee Melody was born on August 12, 2009. 
A friend of mine in RL told me about SL and had logged in a few months before and began the exploring.  I marveled at what she was doing but because I didn’t think my internet provider could support the connection, I decided to wait.  A few short months later, internet provider changed and I decided what the heck – just do it!!  Oh boy……………….
All can say is -- WOW!  I was scared at first since I had no clue what to do, but had help of some good RL/SLfriends,  Islandgirl and Jae.

They mentored me through the basics.  It didn’t take long before I was an addict!
As I gained more confidence, I decided to explore.  Whoa – Vampires and Nekos and Furries – oh my!!  And  there were a few times I was ejected from property and not knowing what to do, I ended up in what I called “Airport Hell”, some hub where you were sent when you entered private land and was ejected.  That almost made me want to stay home and not go anyhere! 
Then there were times I would be sitting on the edge of a skybox and go to stand and I would fall to my death!  That was a scary experience and all the while, I am fumbling to find my flight feather – just in time to wear so I don’t go “splat”!  Well, as time went on I finally figured out all I needed to do was tp home!! 
My  very first purchase using RL money was for an AO from Vista – had to “walk the walk” without the jerkiness!  The second purchase was “moving hair” from Damselfly.
A little while later, I decided I needed to go “whole hog” and get a brand new me.  So I purchased a shape, skin, eyes, and lashes.  I  feel pretty!!
Hair has become my addiction in SL and I am over 435 styles as of this post.  I know, that is crazy, but what can I say.  I don’t think there is a Hair Rehab in SL (and I am not looking for one either!).
Some of you will say that SL is a game, and at first, I agreed with those that made that statement.  But really it isn’t.  This is  part of a definition of what a game is according to Merriam Webster:
1.     activity engaged in for diversion or amusement (true!)
2.    a procedure or strategy for gaining an end  (No, there is no end!)
As time has gone by, I have learned a lot, made a lot of nice friends, some I don’t talk to as much as I used to and I miss them.   But I keep making new friends, learning new things and having fun.  After all, that is what SL is all about – having fun!!
Earlier this year, I decided to create my own fashion blog.  I could help others to find fashion  items at no or low cost!  So,  I began  to hang out at lucky boards/ chairs, Midnight Manias or blog about the group gifts.    This is one of my fave things to do now days. I only started Blogging in April of 2011 so I am still learning a lot there and having a good time. 
There is SO much to do in SL – whatever your heart fancies whether it be role play, modeling, building or just having fun.  I still have a lot to learn and look forward to my future experiences with Trey!!
This is me in RL as close as I can get in SL - I LOVE to go country western dancing in RL and this is what I would wear - if I had it in my wardrobe (I do have 5 pairs of Western boots though!)

I want to thank all of you for looking at my Blog.  I try to be as creative as possible as that is my nature and I like to make things fun.  Here's to many more posts!
Ok, gotta tp and look for those bargains………..whooooosssshhhh

August 10, 2011

I'm Famous!

Last night I was trying on a skin that I recently got and discovered - I look like Heather Locklear!!  What do you think??

Skin:  KRB Skins  (Touchable Me -no freckles)  - group gift
Shape, Eyes, brows: BND - Louisa - Marketplace Promo 10L
Hair: Dernier Cri - Amanda

Then, today a friend (TY Ace!) told me about a skin gift at Lelutka for subscribers.  I hopped on over and after putting it on, I said to myself, now I look kinda like Reece Witherspoon!

Skin: Lelutka - Hadley (if you are a first subscriber, touch again to get the history and then the latest gift)
Hair:  MIA Christina (3 pack ofcolors).  Not sure if this is still available as I got this a while back

August 8, 2011

Did you know..........

I downloaded the Beta version of Firestorm last week and have been getting used to where everything is as far as the layout and I have to say - I am quite surprised that I like it.  I am a Phoenix user and before that it was Emerald so I loved the layout of those two viewers and didn't care much for V1 or V2.  Well, lately, I have been using Firestorm to get used to what is to come - mesh!  I chose the Silverlight skin in Pink and it is really cool!

Today I discovered (and many of you may already know this) that I can add multiple tattoo layers - woo hoo!!  I love makeup but on other viewers, you could only wear one tattoo layer.  So if you had an eye makeup that you wanted to coordinate with a lip makeup tattoo layer - well too bad!  So I experimented.  The skin I am wearing is from Oceane's, one of my fave skin shops in SL.  Oceane makes amazing skins and makeups.  This one is called Jade Fall/Winter in Honey. 

I added two makeups from Oceane's - eye and lip makeup in pink!
On top of that, I added another makeup layer from Elegant Epiffany (I believe they are closed now).

I am sure there are other great features that I haven't discovered yet in Firestorm, but I will soon.  Also, using Firestorm, I have noticed the image quality is better than in Phoenix.  And my inventory loads faster.  One thing I miss and Firestorm doesn't do is check textures - you know, when you click on yourself, you get the pie menu and you can check what textures have loaded??  I checked with the group and was told that wasn't available.  I always used that before going anywhere as I have appeared naked in the past and I wanted to make sure I was dressed before going out.  Maybe that is coming somewhere down the road, who knows but right now I am pretty happy with Firestorm!

August 7, 2011

When you forget......

I was changing in to another outfit today, one from the corset hunt, and didn't take off the top I had on and what a nice result!

This is what I wanted to change in to
The top I didn't take off
The end result - which I thing looks fabulous!  Both of these outfits are from the corset hunt.  The dress is from Riverdog and the corset top from LouLou and Co.  This hunt only lasts a few more days so you better hurry!

A&A Voting and Group Gift for 8-5 week

Hair is my passion in SL - more so than shoes and I am now up to at least 425 styles.  What can I say - I am totally addicted!!

A&A Taxi 

August 6, 2011

Corset Hunt - The End

I FINALLY got finished unpacking all of the boxes from the corset hunt and want to show you the some of what I found.  Again, the designers are to be commended on the quality of their items.  Wish I could have showed all of them, but that would have taken me til I was in the rocker!!

Dreams Things
Flamin Hell

Some Group Gifts

Beautiful Dirty Rich is one of my fave places and Cameron's outfits always include numerous ways to wear what all you get in the package.  I took a pic with me in one variation, but have included the picture to show you how many other ways this can be worn.  

Chop Zoey has the new group gifts out for both men and women - so I got both!
Necklace for men and earrings for women.  Belle's designs are exquisite!

I was going through all of my groups yesterday and reading notices and came across one I didn't receive from HL Fashion (through the Fab Free Group).  I popped on over and got this lovely outfit.  I love the sheerness of the skirt!

December Designer Showcase 1

The final round for 2018 from Designer Showcase is underway.  Items that will keep you warm this winter are from Sexy Princess - Bitterswe...

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