January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012

Al Vulo!

The new group gift from Al Vulo is called Corinna love motion.  The color combinations for lips and eye makeup are stunning, and the parted lips adds a little sexiness!

1 or 10

Urban Girl (The 10L Store) has everything in the store for only 10L.  I liked this skin pack (comes with 9 tones) called Emily.  I am showing you 5 of the 8, which are my favorites.

 The group gift from Urban Girl is the white tank and high waisted shorts. 

These bright blue eyes are a 1L at DYE (Damn Your Eyes). 

January 28, 2012

Pretty Please - with Cherries on Top!

Purple Moon is having their own hunt called Cherries on Top.  All you have to do is find 10 cherries (see store for details and pic of what you are looking for).  Everything is colored red in time for Valentine's and these are some really great gifts.  And, they are all FREE!

 Top Picture - Hunt Items 1&3
Bottom Picture - Hunt Item #2

 Top Picture - Hunt Item #4
Middle Picture - Hunt Items #5
Bottom Picture - Hunt Item #6

 Top Picture - Hunt Item #7
Bottom Picture - Hunt Item #10
Top Picture - Hunt Item #8
Bottom Picture - Hunt Item #9

Dollarbies and gifts

JN Design has a couple cute dollarbies that you may like.  These outfits include everything but the shoes/boots!

Hair - A&A Group and Voting gifts 27 Jan

The Pink Label group were sent two really cute pictures with frames.  Since I am going for the Shabby Chic look at my new place, these are perfect!  Plus, I am a shoe fanatic :)
Thanks Talena!!

January 25, 2012


I adore these Paisley pants, the newest release from Sascha's.  They come with 4 different color variations and you can get darks or lights (I chose the darks).  They are 199L for the 4 pack. 

Candy Nail, Envious, Aleida

I was very pleased to learn that Candy Nail has two new lucky boards with new nails, so I took the taxi and immediately when I arrived, my letter was on one of the boards.  How happy I was!!  I hung around and stalked them for a little while longer but my letter never came up on the second one.  So  later, I went back and to my surprise again when I arrived, my letter was on the second board.  Must be my lucky day!!

Love you too brown and pink

The group gift at Candy Nail is so very sweet and cute - a Valentine heart rug with poses.  There are five different poses but this one was my favorite - my nails are drying.  Comes with nail polish that looks like you are painting your nails too!

Midnight Mania from Envious.  I love the corset look.  This comes with several colors of the top.

Ladies gift at Aleida - love this dress!

January 24, 2012

Group Gifts!

Some group gifts I have picked up in the last couple days.

 Denisse gown

 Aila outfit

Azira skin and shape.  Eyes - Fashism Sunrise Black

Eyes - Fashism Sunrise Rose Pale

Necklace - Finesmith pre Valentine gift

Crystal Line Angelina boots in pink

Crystal Line and Fashism

You know, if you stalk lucky boards long enough, you WILL win!  I finally won these Angelina long boots from Crystal Line today.  They have color changeable parts. 

There are also a pair of short boots in Magenta that you can win - I posted these in an earlier blog (Jan. 19).

Another lucky board at Crystal Line - this necklace and earring set called Cherry.

The eyes have it - and if you love eyes like I do, you will love the latest group gifts from Fashism.  They are beautifully and realistically made.  Currently, the store is closed for remodeling until February, but you can join the group and check past notices and there are NINE sets of eyes in various colors.  secondlife:///app/group/e3e94dea-0783-4387-92c7-f803148b7db7/about.  Also check out the Marketplace as they have been marked down from 150 to 100L.  I am wearing Sunrise in Celtic Green.

January 21, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

I absolutely love the latest group gift from Chop Zoey, the blue blingy cowgirl boots.  If only I could find something like this in RL (as she Googles the internet)

I stalked the lucky boards long enough at Sn@tch and finally won the Pavo peacock earrings.   I have won all that they have to offer on the lucky boards so now I am happy.  The key necklace is a group gift from Centopallini

January 20, 2012

BoHo HoBo and Grafittiwear

I won this cute little outfit from Grafittwear off of the Midnight Mania board the other day.   Will be perfect for spring!  This includes earring, bangles and the shoes.

This turquoise jean jacket was sent to subscribe members from BoHo HoBo.  Goes great with my outfit!!

January 19, 2012

Sn@tch and Crysal Line

Got lucky again today with the Lucky Boards at Sn@tch and Crystal Line.  To get the boots, you will need to join the group at Crystal Line, but it is free to join. 

Sn@tch - Dinner at Eight.  Comes in several color choices.

Crystal Line - Angelina boots

January 18, 2012

I took a dip

I got lucky on the Lucky Dip at Graffittiwear and won this cute outfit, boots, bangles, and scarf included!

January 17, 2012

My Pretty Valentine

Fab Free members were sent this beautiful gown just in time for Valentines called Be My Valentine. 

You can search the Fabulously Free group inworld to join
Photo taken at Holiday Village - Valentine Romantic Getaway

January 16, 2012

Vintage Look

I love the vintage look and when I discovered the two group gift outfits from Feather, I was very pleased.

This vintage hair style is from Pocket Mirrors called Myrtle.  You can get it for 1L and comes in several colors. 

Photos taken at Horizon Dream  

January 15, 2012

Sunday gifts

This cute hairstyle was sent to the Chichickie subscribe members, which reached 10K!  This style is called Diana. 

Earrings - Eluzion subscribe member gift - Kaiya

Necklace and earring set - Purple Moon 11K subscribe member gift
Cubics II

Outfit - Beautiful Dirty Rich January group gift.  This also comes with ears, tail and boots which I chose not to wear
Poses - Group gift from Status Poses - Meet

This is the last group gift from Heart Softens and sadly enough, it is called Last.  This style comes in 6 colors.  Heart Softens is closing on January 25 and currently, there is a huge sale where you can buy single color packs of hair for 39L or fatpacks for 139L.  I am very sad to see Heart Softens go as this is one of my favorite hair stores :(

January 13, 2012

Heart Softens

And my heart is sad!  Heart Softens is closing!  This is one of my favorite hair places in SL.  From now until January 25, you can buy a single style/color of hair for only 39L, and fatpacks for 139L.  This is a steal!  I have several of the styles already from being in the group, but I found a couple that I just HAD to have!

Bron in Latte

Saza in Red

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