January 25, 2012

Candy Nail, Envious, Aleida

I was very pleased to learn that Candy Nail has two new lucky boards with new nails, so I took the taxi and immediately when I arrived, my letter was on one of the boards.  How happy I was!!  I hung around and stalked them for a little while longer but my letter never came up on the second one.  So  later, I went back and to my surprise again when I arrived, my letter was on the second board.  Must be my lucky day!!

Love you too brown and pink

The group gift at Candy Nail is so very sweet and cute - a Valentine heart rug with poses.  There are five different poses but this one was my favorite - my nails are drying.  Comes with nail polish that looks like you are painting your nails too!

Midnight Mania from Envious.  I love the corset look.  This comes with several colors of the top.

Ladies gift at Aleida - love this dress!

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