January 24, 2012

Crystal Line and Fashism

You know, if you stalk lucky boards long enough, you WILL win!  I finally won these Angelina long boots from Crystal Line today.  They have color changeable parts. 

There are also a pair of short boots in Magenta that you can win - I posted these in an earlier blog (Jan. 19).

Another lucky board at Crystal Line - this necklace and earring set called Cherry.

The eyes have it - and if you love eyes like I do, you will love the latest group gifts from Fashism.  They are beautifully and realistically made.  Currently, the store is closed for remodeling until February, but you can join the group and check past notices and there are NINE sets of eyes in various colors.  secondlife:///app/group/e3e94dea-0783-4387-92c7-f803148b7db7/about.  Also check out the Marketplace as they have been marked down from 150 to 100L.  I am wearing Sunrise in Celtic Green.

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