July 31, 2012

Secret Wednesday @ LIV-Glam

It's no secret what you will find at LIV-Glam for Secret Wednesday.  Two stunning gowns, both mesh so you will need a viewer that supports mesh.  More fabulous creations from Samantha.

Allure Satin Brocade (option of skirt attachments)

Other credits:
Hair:  Boon WMO003
Eye makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe CLeYeMAX promo at the Marketplace
(only available for a limited time free) 
Lips:  Beautiful Deluxe VIXxXen Palette IX Shade 4
Nails:  Candy Nail BS November
Shoes:  PURE Lady in Silver
Earrings:  Eluzion Xoana in Silver
Poses by Glitterati

Premier Affair (with and without fur jacket and skirt attachment)

Other credits:
Hair:  Hairoin Ferocity White Tiger (Hair Fair freebie)
Lashes:  ploom Lashes 2
Makeup:  Glamorize Champagne Combos #2
Nails:  Glamorize Metallic in Gold
Earrings:  Chop Zuey La Boheme
Poses by D.Luxx

July 29, 2012

Beautiful Deluxe New Promo

This striking blue eyeshadow is the new promo from Beautiful Deluxe and for a week, you can get this free at the Marketplace.  This is very soft, yet sexy.

Beautiful Deluxe CLeYeMAX @ The Marketplace

Other credits:
Hair:  Emotions Deidre
Earrings:  Eluzion Samma
Nails:  Candy Nail BS March
Dress:  No longer available
Poses by Props N Poses

July 28, 2012

60L weekend at Eluzion

Two beautiful outfits, one fatpack of earrings and a free set of earrings, all at Eluzion this weekend.  Plus you can still get some of the items from last weekend as well.

Kathia outfit (bracelets and stockings included)
Katia earrings (free)
Hair:  Vanity Hair Sunset Blvd
Lips:  Beautiful Deluxe VIXxXEN gloss palette shade 2 (free for a limited time here)
Eye makeup:  Oceane's Body Design grey soft shimmer
Nails:  Synthetique

Aysha outfit - long or short
 Hair:  LoQ Fudge
Shoes:  HC Lea black

Madelyn earrings fatpack
Hair base:  Emotions curl

July 27, 2012

July 27 gifts from A&A

I am totally in love with all the hairstyles this week from A&A, including the male gift.  I love to get the male gifts on occasion as I think they look good on us gals too!

Group gift - Beachy

Male group gift - Rod  

Voting gift - Nikki

Other credits:
Lashes:  Avoki long curl 02
Eye shadow:  Oceane's Body Design grey soft shimmer
Skin:  Oceane's Body Design Pippi in Latte Tan
Lips:  Beautiful Deluxe VIXxXEN gloss palette shade 2 (only availble for a limited time on the MP for free here)
Earrings:  Eluzion Anny
Outfit:  Virtual Attire former midnight mania prize
Poses by Reel Expression

July 26, 2012

1000 Member Gift from LIV-Glam

LIV-Glam has achieved 1000 members and in celebrating, Samantha has created another stunning outfit, which includes the earrings, necklace and bracelets. 

Other credits:
Hair:  CaTwA Amanda
Skin:  Oceane's Body Design Pippi in Latte Tan with Pippi eyeshadow in copper green
Lashes:  Avoki Long Curl 02
Poses by wet cat Haute poses

LIV-Glam Newness

More LIV-Glam new releases.  Both of these have huds to where you can change the textures to a ton of variations and note -- they are both mesh so you will need a viewer that supports mesh.  Lovliness!

LIV-Glam Glam Romper and Ruffle Halter

Other credits:
Hair:  LoQ Gingerbread (70L for 25 colors!)
Photo 1& 2 earrings and necklace no longer available
Shoes photo 1:  NCore Scorpion
Shoes photo 2:  Baby Monkey Ultimate Marnie
Bracelet photo 1: Purple Moon Etnia
Nails photo 1:  Synthetique
Nails photo 2:  MPP Funky French
Makeup photo 1 & 2:  Oceane's Body Design Bardot full makeups in Comtesse and Orange
Poses using the Pose Anywhere hud with loaded poses (sorry, I forgot to write down what poses I was using!)

July 25, 2012

Oceane's Body Design - Lauren

I want to showcase one of the skins that Oceane's Body Design has to offer.  This one is called Lauren and she is gorgeous!  Also, I am wearing the makeups you can buy to go with Lauren - very luscious! 

Other credits:
Hair:  Purple Moon Ser
Earrings:  Eluzion Xoana in silver
Pose by Props n Poses 

Beautiful Lips

You can get 4 lip gloss colors for FREE from Beautiful Deluxe on the Marketplace as a promo gift.  Not sure how long this will last.  These are gorgeous colors in reds/pinks and will make your lips shine. 

Beautiful Deluxe VIXxXEN Gloss Palette 1(Shade 1-4) @ The Marketplace

Other credits:
Hairbase with curl:  Emotions
Lashes:  TGIS Long
Earrings:  Eluzion Anny and Lianna
Dress:  Eluzion Wayma
Pose by Diety

July 24, 2012

Yehaw - Ride Um Cowgirl!

Blah, BLAH, blah has a new release that is close to my heart called Ride Um Cowgirl.  I am a Texas girl and love anything western so the top and chaps were meant to be mine!  Caution - do not ride a horse in these or you may regret it later ☺.

Other credits:
Hat:  Hudson's Clothing denim and beads
Hair:  Damselfly Emeryca black pearl
Necklace:  Chop Zuey Men's Apache Warrior
Boots:  Chop Zuey former gift
Bracelet:  France Creations Native turquoise
Nails:  Synthetique colour tactics red 9
Poses by Adorkable Poses

LIV-Glam @ Hope for Emilia

Hope for Emilia is to raise money for the earthquake victims in Emilia, Italy.  LIV-Glam is participating by offering three outfits, plus a skin that includes the shape, eyes and eyelashes!  This event will last through August 9. 

LIV-Glam @ Hope for Emilia event
Scarf print, Valencia Couture (earrings and stocking included) and Ruby Tuesday outfits

Other credits:
Photo 1:
Hair:  No longer available - store has closed
Shoes:  Mary Jane Shoes Fallen
Earrings:  Mandala Senjyu Africa

Photo 2:
Skin:  Oceane's Body Design Lauren in Latte Tan with 7th Heaven makeup
Hair:  CaTwA Amanda
Shoes:  TDR platform shoes gift (not sure if still available)

Photo 3:
Hair:  Adoness Aura
Earrings:  Eluzion Elanna fatpack
Poses by Diesel Works

July 23, 2012

LIV-Glam and Oceane's Body Design

This satin silk long dress called Decadence from LIV-Glam is boom pow!  Another stunning creation from Samantha.  This dress is mesh, so you will need a viewer that supports such.  The skin I am wearing is spectacular.  This is from Oceane's Body Design called Lauren and it is in Latte Tan with Paradise Blue makeup.  Oceane makes some of the best skins and makeups in SL.  I am also wearing eyes called Dutch Sky from Oceane's - beautiful!  Thanks Samantha and Oceane for giving us such wonderful products to wear in SL!

Other credits:
Hair:  Emotions Deidre
Earrings:  Eluzion Mia in sky blue
Lashes:  Avoki Curl 02
Poses by D.Luxx and Status

July 21, 2012


It's 60L weekend and Eluzion has two outfits to offer, plus a fatpack of earrings!  Also, sub members were sent the Samma earrings in black. 

Gionna in silver with hood and sunglasses
Gionna in black with collar
(all included in one package)


Mia earrings (fatpack of color choices)

Samma earrings (sub gift in black)

Other credits:

Hair:  Hairoin Ferocity White Tiger @ the Hair Fair (Water section)
Makeup:  dirty little secrets You're a Star (Makeup & Tattoo hunt item)
Nails:  Synthetique (go to the back of the store and there will be a red bottle by the cash register - free)
Poses by Amacci (at the Hair Fair), ChereeMotion and Adorkable Poses

July 20, 2012


July's group gift from Gizza is spectacular!  Nothing else I can say about it except WOW!

Other credits:
Hair:  Pocket Mirrors Myrtle
Earrings:  Finesmith Chant Bazooka in Pink
Shoes:  Skifija Antelope of the King
Lip makeup:  LIV-Glam Summer 2012 #11
Eye makeup:  Blacklace Beauty Makeup & Tattoo hunt gift Starburst
Poses by ChereeMotion Standing poses

July 19, 2012

The Makeup and Tattoo Hunt

I love makeups and when I found out about the Makeup and Tattoo hunt, I knew I had to do some hunting.  I found some great prizes and am going to show you a couple.  I am going out on a limb showing you the prize from CoLLision as normally, I don't show so much skin.  I tried to work with various bikinis but this tattoo is so beautifully done, I felt it in order to see the beauty of the tattoo, I didn't need to wear anything.  So, here I am in my birthday suit!  The back tattoo from Tenjin is stunning!  I am a hummingbird lover in RL so this one is special to me. 

Read about the Makeup and Tattoo Hunt here

Other credits:
Mohawk hair:  Shag Black Jack
Upstyle blonde hair:  Lollipopz Liana at The Hair Fair (free)
Glitter Nails:  Izzie's
Black long nails:  Glamorize Metallic in Black
Earrings:  Finesmith Rehana Africa
Barefeet:  Baby Monkey Ultimate Contessa
Poses by Desire (Seductive poses) and ChereeMotion (Standing poses)

LIV-Glam joins Violet Mafia

Violet Mafia is a group that is dedicated to finding the best in Second Life--fashion, MM and lucky boards, skins, hunts, etc. LIV-Glam has now joined VM and Samantha made this exclusive outfit for the group.  You have to wear your Violet Mafia tag (free to join, check my inworld profile) in order to get the outfit.  This is a group worth joining as you can get a ton of freebies!

LIV-Glam Sweet Temptations

Other credits:
Hair:  lollipopz (gift hair from the Hair Fair)
Skin:  MONS subscribe gift Jelena
Shoes:  N-Core Sense Extreme
Earrings:  Eluzion Xoana in red
Poses by ChereeMotion

July 18, 2012

ChereeMotion Poses

A good friend of mine surprised me yesterday with a gift of a pose pack.  After I received the gazillion poses (and she said it would take until Christmas to transfer all to me - there were 80 in all!), I tried them out and fell in love with them.  I am always on the hunt for good poses for my blogs and these are fantastic.  I got the LM to the store and bought another pose pack and then the owner, Cheree Bury surprised me with the rest of the packs available.  I was in hog heaven!!  I don't think I will have a problem trying to find a good pose to use as now I have so many!  There are 4 fatpacks in all and believe me, when I say a fatpack I mean that.  You get a bunch in each package.  Thanks Bozz, you are a great friend and thanks to Cheree for the poses!

Acid Lily

Acid Lily officially opens today to the public.  Various designers have their products to sell and nothing is over 70L.  This is just a sampling of what you can find.  This is from 1 Hundred, which comes in a fatpack of colors.  Every week you will find different designers with their items to sell. 

1 Hundred @ Acid Lily

Other credits:
Earrings:  persefona green Peacock @ The Marketplace
Eye makeup:  Kosh metallic in mint
Lip makeup:  Glamorize Nibble lips in Baby Pink
Nails:  Izzie's French Nails
Shoes:  Latreia Mekaila Pink Ribbon
(Hair no longer available)
Poses by ChereeMotion

July 17, 2012

Hudson's Clothing

Oh my goodness!!  The July group gift from Hudson's is sooooooooooo sexy.  If this doesn't turn your guy (or girl) on, then nothing will.  I love ruffles and lace and this is one hawt corset outfit. 

Other credits:
Hair:  Analog Dog Delora
Makeup:  Oceane's Beauty Bardot full makeup (wearing Lumiere)
Earrings:  Eluzion Lorenia
Shoes:  Baby Monkey Ultimate Jubliee Crocodile
Nails:  Candy Nail Anniversary Pink
Poses by ChereeMotion (kneeling and standing poses)

Mix and Match at LIV-Glam

I love to mix and match various pieces in my invent and now, with the latest release from LIV-Glam called Boheme, you can do just that.  These dresses come with a hud that has 1 pattern and 3 solids so you can mix and match all you want to make different looks.  There are 4 to choose from. 

Other credits:
Shoes:  (1st and 2nd photo)  Felicity Alexis rust
             (3rd photo)  Baby Monkey Ultimate Sabryne in gold
             (4th photo)  Tainted Designs (on the MP) Ribbon
Hair:  Deviant Kitties Anette (old hairstyle, not sure if still available)
Lip colors:  LIV-Glam Summer 2012 lip glosses
Poses by Adorkable Poses and D.Luxx  

July 16, 2012


Giddy up and yehaw!  I am a Texas girl so I love the latest gift from Ydea - the black and white cow textured monokini.  This comes with the hat, shoes, bracelet and earrings.  Head 'em up and move 'em out!


Other credits:
Hair:  Boon NMR 122
Lip makeup:  LIV-Glam Summer 2012 lip gloss #9
Necklace:  Chop Zuey Firebird Red
Nails:  MPP Funky French

Acid Lily

On July 18, Acid Lily will be open to the public.  This store will feature various designers and their creations.  Every week there will be new designers and nothing is over 70L.  I was able to get a sneak peek of what you will expect to find in this week's opening....

Sassy Mandarin deep pink dress
Stay tuned for more and the LM after the opening!

Other credits:
Hair:  Vanity Hair Tiffany
Eye makeup:  Glamorize Jaded Black in Silver
Lip makeup:  LIV-Glam Summer 2012 lip gloss #13
Nails:  Glamorize Metallic in pink
Shoes:  Skifia Antelope of the King
Earrings:  Eluzion Xoana in silver
Photo Location:  Reflections of Beauty
Pose by Magnifique

Some Like it Hot with LIV-Glam

This cute mesh sundress comes with a hud to change the textures to 10 variations. 

LIV-Glam Some Like it Hot!

Other credits:
Hair:  Majika Volume 01
Eye makeup:  Glamorize Fly Shadow in Leaf
Nails:  Izzie's French Nails
Earrings:  persefona on the Marketplace (free gift promotion)
Skin:  Oceane's Beauty Pippi Natural in Latte Tan
Poses by Adorkable Poses

July 15, 2012

LIV-Glam New Release

This mesh tucked pencil dress is very classy and sophisticated.  I feel like Audrey Hepburn in this outfit.  You get a color change hud with the dress for 12 different dress/belt variations. 

Other credits:
Hair:  CaTwA Amanda
Eye makeup:  Glamorize Nightstar (former MM prize)
Lip makeup:  LIV-Glam Summer 2012 lip gloss #16
Shoes:  N Core Classic Stiletto
Earrings:  Eluzion Xoana fatpack in Sky (60L weekend offer)
Poses by Diesel Works and D.Luxx

See other new release here

July 14, 2012

Weekend with Eluzion

This is a great outfit for a casual weekend from Eluzion and is only 60L.  This includes the necklace.  You will also find the earrings for only 2L which go perfectly with the outfit.  I am ready to relax!

Eluzion Emma outfit and earrings

Other credits:
Skin:  Oceane's Beauty Pippi natural latte tan
Lips:  Oceane's Beauty Bardon lipliner in Cherie
Hair:  A&A Joy
Nails:  Izzie's French
Shoes:  NC Paris old group gift
Poses by Reel Expression

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