February 28, 2013

Another month bites the dust!

Holey canoly - time is flying by.  This will be my last post for February and I am showing you the subscribe gift from Graffitiwear - the holey leggings.  These will be cute with anything you wear!

Other credits:
Hair:  Tami McCoy Wreckless
Earrings:  Swallow Riflesso
Nails:  Purple Moon Bark Brown 
Dress:  LIV-Glam Rhianna
Boots:  Baby Monkey Faith
Pose by Diesel Works Celeste 

February 26, 2013


Another stunning group gift from LIV-Glam.  The Vestal dress is both elegant and sophisticated and shows off your curves perfectly!  There are two walls of previous group gifts still available and joining the group is 500L, but you will never be disappointed with the quality of LIV-Glam products.  

Other credits:
Hair:  Damselfly Chanel (does not include hair base)
Hair base:  Analog Dog (free)
Makeup:  MONS So Cute Eye Liners 1L promo on the Marketplace 
Eyelashes:  Avoki Long Curl 02
Nails:  Studio Nails Solid S Long Square (color changing)
Earrings and Necklace:  Chop Zuey Tabula Rasa
Shoes:  Baby Monkey Lillith in Aqua (Lucky Board item)
Pose by exposeur 

February 25, 2013

Time fer 2FER!

Tuesday and Wednesday is the 2FER sale and IMaGE Factory has their 2FER items for this week.  The cute plaid crop top in sherbet colors is paired with the black ripped jeans.  And for you guys, Harley is modeling the Carter long sleeved shirt with plaid collar and cuffs as well as the roll up jeans with plaid leg cuffs.  All of these items are mesh. 

What Trey is wearing:
Hair:  A&A Tammi
Nails:  LaRosa free Spring promo 
Lip makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe VIXxXEN Gloss Pallette 
Boots:  Adore & Abhor former subscribe gift
Poses by The Muse Poses Erik Pack

What Harley is wearing:
Hair:  A&A Ingo
Boots:  IMaGE Factory Military in black
Poses by D.Luxx Intrigue pack and Expressive Poses Adan pack (both purchased from the Marketplace here and here)


LaRosa has a free promo gift out for everyone - Spring Nails.  These have a pretty floral design on them and come with a hud so you have 5 different color changes.  I am not sure how long these will be available so fly on over and get yours now!

Other credits:
Earrings:  Chop Zuey My Heart
Makeup:  Oceane's Body Design Nubia Dare in Pink 
Pose by Glitterati Dead Ringer 

February 23, 2013

I have a dirty little secret....

And that is.................you can get the Crayon Suede Combat boots at dirty little secret for only 10L!  With one click you can change colors (10 in all) and shininess.  There aren't many left so don't waste any time - go - now!




Other credits:
Outfit:  Sn@tch (top) Soul Sister and (skirt) Early Flower (lucky board items)
Eye makeup:  Zibska Vieno 
Lip makeup:  Glamorize Wet Kiss in Coal
Nails:  Candy Nail Basic French in White
Earrings:  Eluzion Wayma
Poses by exposeur
Texture Backdrop by KaTink Grungy Goodness Pack 1 (10 textures)
Cap no longer available

February 22, 2013

Damselfly Chanel

Chanel is the latest group gift from Damselfly and this style is very sophisticated and chic.  You will get a fatpack of colors, but, you do not receive the hairbases.  I am wearing a hairbase from Tameless (which are free!). 

Damselfly Chanel

Other credits:
Eyelashes:  Crissy Designs Super Shock Criss Cross 
Earrings:  Finesmith Love Angel (Valentine group gift)
Eyeliner:  MONS So Cute Marketplace 1L Promo here 
Lip makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe Pearl Signature Shade 5
Outfit:  LIV-Glam Herve II
Pose by Purple Poses Jayce

I am Tameless!

Morgan is the new group gift from Tameless.  You can choose from many different shades in the Fantasy (1st photo), Naturals (2nd photo), or Fades (3rd photo) categories.  Each comes with 24 colors to choose from.

Tameless Morgan

Other credits:
Eyeliner:  MONS So Cute Marketplace 1L promo 
Lip color:  LIV-Glam 2012 Diva lip glosses
Earrings:  Beauty Code Glamour Colorful
Jumpsuit:  Hucci Lanseria
Poses by Purple Poses

February 21, 2013

JStyle and JOMO

Harley is modeling some freebies today.  JStyle has free gifts for both you guys and gals the guys gift included the complete outfit as well as shape and skin (which he is not wearing).  Also included in the pack were a set of eyes (which he is not wearing either - he is pretty stubborn!).  And, JOMO has several lucky boards and he managed to win a couple of skins today.  

JOMO Lucky Board Skins 014B and 018

Other credits:
Hair:  A&A Kaynes group gift 15 February
Poses by Expressive Poses Adan

MONS Promo

Can you tell I am addicted to makeups??  I love to complete my look with good makeups and MONS has a special promo on the Marketplace for eyeliner in various colors.  So Cute eyeliner comes in a pack of 12 colors and it is only 1L.  I am not sure how long this offer will last so hurry and get yours now!

MONS eyeliner So Cute in green and orange - get on the Marketplace here 

Other credits:
Hair:  Alice Project Kiera
Skin:  WoW Cindy November group gift
Top:  LIV-Glam Boheme Una 
Pose by Diva (no longer available)

Let's get Glamorized!

Glamorize has come out with some new makeups.  The Speckled pack comes with 7 shades and they are only 7L for the pack!  You will also find some Minikits which are 3L each.  These include eye and lip shade combos. 

What I am wearing:
Hair:  Diorsis Amber
Earrings:  Eluzion Akasha
Corset top:  Blacklace previous Valentine gift
Poses by The Muse Poses Erik 

February 20, 2013

Nicole at LIV-Glam

The mini dress Nicole features a plunging neckline with ruffles down each side and O-rings that are attached to bring it together in the middle.  This dress is sure to get second looks!  Nicole comes with a hud to change your outfit to 6 texture colors.

LIV-Glam Nicole (mesh)

Other credits:
Hair:  Adoness Pythoness
Earrings:  Eluzion Kaiya
Shoes:  Killa designZ 1000 member group gift
Poses by The Muse Poses Erik and Adorkable Poses
Nails no longer available

February 19, 2013

The Muse Poses - Erik

Erik - a new release of 10 unisex poses from The Muse Poses.  These are very casual so the guys don't look feminine and the ladies don't look masculine.  Very fitting for both! 

Other credits:
Hair:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Cruella
Nails:  Synthetique 
Jeans:  IMaGE Factory long cut mesh 
Top:  LIV-Glam Uniqlo (part of an outfit)
Shoes:  Athor Roxy 2 Cow 
earrings no longer available

February 18, 2013

Stolen Kisses at Chop Zuey

Stolen Kisses, beautiful blue and gold jewelry are out for group members and non group members at Chop Zuey.  You can get this whole set which includes (for the group members) the necklace and headpiece and for non group members, the bracelet and earrings.  Did I say stunning!!!

Other credits:
Hair:  Vanity Hair Tiffany
Nails:  Candy Nail BS March
Dress:  LIV-Glam Anastaysia Peacock
Poses by Glitterati and Miamai

February 17, 2013

The Carnival is at The Perfect Wardrobe

That is the theme this round at The Perfect Wardrobe.  LIV-Glam has created Happy Dance, a new release from the K Collection.  The shimmering mini dress with fur around the bottom includes the mask and stockings.  

K Collection Happy Dance 

Other credits:
Hair:  Vanity Hair Lula
Eye makeup:  Miasnow 2012 XP shadowsa
Lip makeup:  WoW Tessa lip gloss set (lucky board prize)
Nails:  A&A Fashion long extreme Edel
Earrings:  Swallow Star 
Boots:  SHi Sexy Fashion Shop Pythong long 
Poses by exposeur and Status

February 15, 2013

Love Angel from Finesmith

What a treat!  Finesmith group members received this stunning jewelry set called Love Angel.  The earrings, necklace and bracelet come in both gold and silver.  

Hair by CaTwA Amanda
Dress by Maai Queen
Lashes by Avoki Long Curl 02
Makeup by LIV-Glam (eyes) Gracia color effect shadows and (lips) Diva lip gloss 2012
Nails by Candy Nail Midnight Dream Gold
Poses by Glitterati Dead Ringer 

K Collection at LIV-Glam

Two more creations from the K Collection at LIV-Glam - Caroline and Ashley.  



Other credits:
Hair:  Truth Juliette
Earrings:  Sn@tch (includes ring - subscribe gift)
Shoes:  Felicity Larissa (new)
Pose:  exposeur

Hair:  Analog Dog Delora
Nails:  Purple Moon Bark Brown
Boots:  LIV-Glam Envy 
Pose:  exposeur 

Glamour by LIV-Glam

Two stunning gowns you will find at SL Fashion Week and The Outlet from LIV-Glam. 

Je Vous Adore in Rouge @ SL Fashion Week
Hair by LeLutka Magdalen 
Earrings by Chop Zuey Love's Coming Red Heart 
Nails by Synthetique
Pose by Diesel Works

Etoile in Noir @ The Outlet
Hair by Sweet and Pop Xyntia
Jewelry by Chop Zuey Black Night Silver Moon 
Pose by exposeur 

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone is having a great day, I know I am so far!  First, LIV-Glam has some Steals and Deals and this one is called Bedelle, a vintage pant outfit that is so sweet.  I paired this outfit with a subscribe gift from MStyle - KAI sling heels (go to the store to receive your free pair).  And, Adoness is offering these fairy pink nails for group members and as of this post, the fee was waived but not sure for how long.  Also, Insufferable Dastard sent out lips and eyes in Valentine colors to their subscribe members.  You have 4 choices in lip color and 2 in eye color.  

Other credits:
Hair:  CaTwA Candy
Poses by D.Luxx, Glitterati and Status

February 13, 2013

Skins at LIV-Glam

NEW!!  LIV-Glam has released a skin line.  Gracia Britain in three tones - light, medium and dark. 

LIV-Glam Gracia Britain 01A, 02A, 03A

Other credits:
Hair (in order of appearance)
Exile Violetta
Majika Volume
[e] Shine
Earrings:  FuLo Star @ LIV-Glam
Dress:  Catwa Valentine gift
Pose by tram 

This girl just wants to have fun!

I wanted to do a mix and match post, which I like to do occasionally.  I take different parts of outfits and combine them in to one!  This time, I used items from Eluzion, Gizza and paired them with Patula's House and Kashoey.  I love thinking outside the box and coming up with fashion that is different (at least, in my mind it is!).  Since it is close to Valentine's Day, I chose to use all red. 

February 12, 2013


If you want to look super sexy for your Valentine this year, head on over to Blacklace and get your free gift!  You do not have to belong to the group to get this fabulous corset lingerie and believe me, your Valentine will love you even more for it!

Other credits:
Nails:  Fab Pony French Hearts round tip 
Shoes:  N-Core Coquette
Hair and earrings no longer available
Pose prop - DH Studio Chair @ The Marketplace 

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

G Field sent their subscribe members these cute Valentine's boots as a gift and I love them!  I paired them with the glow earrings that are available at TDR Fusion for only 1L - but - they are not there long.  At the time of this posting, you could still get them.  And at LIV-Glam there are several items on sale for their Monday sale.  The Ambrosius dress I thought was perfect to complete my ensemble.  

[glow] @ TDR Fusion

Other credits:
Hair:  Exile Betty Lou
Nails:  Izzie's French 
Lip makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe VIXxXen Gloss Pallette
Eye makeup:  LIV-Glam Gracia shades 
Poses by Adorkable Poses

IMaGE Factory

If you are looking for that perfect outfit to wear out for Valentine's, look no further!  IMaGE Factory has what you need!  Harley is all dressed up in his tux and ready to paint the town red - literally in his black suit with a red bow tie and cumberbund.  I am wearing the red velvet gown which has a deep plunging back.  You won't need to look for shoes to go with this outfit as the shoes come with this gown!  Also, there is a 2fer sale going on today and tomorrow on some items (the red velvet gown happens to be one of them).  

See blog here for 2fer sale

IMaGE Factory

February 8, 2013

K Collection - Boho Lisa

Another new release for the K Collection at LIV-Glam - Boho Lisa.  Since I am from Texas and we LOVE to country western dance, this dress would be something I would wear with my boots and bling to do some boot scootin' !

Boho Lisa 

Other credits:
Hair:  A&A Adeola
Nails:  Izzie's Classic Fall/Winter 2012 Collection 
Earrings and necklace  (1st picture):  Mustang Trading Post Wynonna and Ladies Heart;
(2nd picture) Mashooka (store closed)
Boots:  (1st picture) Virtual Impression Phillipa; (2nd picture)  Bootgasm Western Cowboy
Bracelets no longer available
Poses by Diesel Works

February 6, 2013

New Release - XiuLan

Another new release at LIV-Glam.  XiuLan are killer shoes!!  Fringe and studs - what a fabulous combination!  Plus, these come with a 44 pantone hud - OMG!

LIV-Glam XiuLan 

Other credits:
Hair:  ChiChickie Sammy
Outfit:  LIV-Glam Dream bolero and shorts
Lip makeup:  Adore and Abhor Shreveport in aqua
Earrings:  Curiosity Basia @ LIV-Glam 
Nails:  Glamorize metallic in silver
Poses by Diesel Works


Exquisite and stunning - two words that come to mind when describing the Anastasiya gown from LIV-Glam.  This gown is truly glamorous!  The necklace and earrings are included!

Anastasiya @ LIV-Glam 

Other credits:
Hair:  Vanity Hair Tiffany
Eyeliner:  Les Petite Details Eyeliner
Poses by wet cat
Nails no longer available

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