April 29, 2013


A new group gift is out at N-Core.  Lulu in red and white features an ankle strap and a bow on top!  These come with a hud to change various textures on the shoe and skin/nail polish colors. 

Other credits:
Hair:  A&A voting gift 24 April Yue
Nails:  Candy Nail basic French in red
Poses by The Muse Poses
Dress available in dark grey on the Marketplace only 

April 26, 2013

Satin and Silks

A new collection at Egoisme features Satins and Silks, a soft and feminine look that will make you feel oh so pretty!  Choose from a variety of colors in pants.  And pair those with one of two tops, either strapless or 3/4 sleeve off the shoulder with a bow in front.  Either way, you will look like a star!

Photo 1:
Strapless Tops in Leaves, Geometric and Lattice
Pants in Charcoal Grey 
Hair:  MADesigns Anessa
Glasses:  bitchbastard Tortoishell
Earrings:  Chop Zuey Le Boheme
Bracelet:  Chop Zuey Instanbul 
Nails:  Izzie's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection (both photos)
Shoes:  Felicity Monique (both photos)

Photo 2:
Tops in After Tea Teal & White, Maze Tan/Camel and Waves & Sunrise Teal/Gold Swirl
Pants in Grey Tweed
Hair:  CaTwA Amanda
Earrings:  Finesmith Dew

Skin:  Egoisme Evian Aphrodite in Medium tone with Peach Gloss makeup (both photos)
Poses by The Muse Poses Erik 

April 25, 2013

Sand and Sea Expo Coming Soon!

Are you ready to head to the beach and soak up some sun?  Well, the Sand and Sea Expo is coming May 2-5 with numerous vendors participating.  And, are you ready for some fun??  There will be a Beachcomber Event, where every vendor will have a special shell that when you click on it, you have a chance of finding a prize.  If you come up empty handed, no worries, you can try again at a later time.  Stay tuned for more on the Sand and Sea Expo! 

Trey with her Whale Plushie from Oceania Breedables

April 24, 2013

Maai Wedding

A stunning new release from Maai - Bree wedding dress.  This comes in 5 color choices.  Of course, white is my preference!  The detailing on this gown is spectacular!

Other credits:
Hair:  Vanity Hair Opium
Earrings:  Finesmith WTG-BG hunt item
Nails:  Candy Nail Basic French in White
Poses by exposeur

April 22, 2013

Two New Releases for Women at Egoisme

Ready for summer, Egoisme has sundresses that will make those hot summer days and nights even hotter when you are wearing one.  And when you want to continue feeling sexy, slip in to something comfortable with one of the many lingerie styles in varying color choices. 

Other credits:
Photos 1&2
Hair:  Vanity Hair Opium
Earrings:  Eluzion Lorenia
Nails:  Candy Nail Basic French in Red
Shoes:  VIPs Creations
Poses by In Pose 

Photos 3&4
HairL  LoQ Fudge
Nails:  Candy Nail Basic French in White
Shoes:  HC Florence purchased on the Marketplace
Poses by In Pose

April 20, 2013

Exclusive Item from IMaGE Factory

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the outfit that Johnny Depp wore in the movie is sold exclusively at the Men's Wear Fashion Week event at IMaGE Factory.  This outfit includes the hat, glasses, shirt, pants and shoes! 

IMaGE Factory at Men's Wear Fashion Week

Pose by D.Luxx purchased from The Marketplace

April 19, 2013

Men's Wear Fashion Week Starts Today!

It's finally here - the Men's Wear Fashion Week starts today!  IMaGE Factory is offering the Hawaiian shirt/cargo pants combo.  This comes with a hud to change textures on the pant cuffs.  You will be casual and comfy, as well as stylish in this outfit!

Your cab awaits here to the Men's Wear Fashion Week Event

Other credits:
Hair:  Redgrave Tyler
Shoes:  Gabriel (former group gift)
Poses by Expressive Adan pack purchased on the Marketplace
Necklace part of group gifts at JStyle
Glasses not available

April 18, 2013

Another day bites the dust...

Tomorrow is THE day!  The Men's Wear Fashion Week starts and will run through April 27.  Two more items offered by IMaGE Factory are the black tee and straighted legged jeans in dark blue.  Stay tuned for special items that you will find at this event from IMaGE Factory.  Landmark will be provided tomorrow. 

Other credits:
Hair:  A&A Kaynes
Boots:  IMaGE Factory Work Boots in Black
Poses by D.Luxx
Glasses and bracelet not available

April 17, 2013

Countdown to Three!

Three days until the Men's Wear Fashion Week event starts, which is Friday, April 19.  More items you will find at IMaGE Factory is the men's tank in blue and rolled up jeans with green plaid cuffs.  You guys will make a fashion statement in this outfit - pssssssssssssss - HOT! 

Other credits:
Hair:  A&A Kaynes
Necklace:  Gabriel (former gift)
Shoes:  IMaGE Factory Running Shoes
No poses used - AO

April 16, 2013

Free at LaRosa

I just got the notice about 30 minutes ago and have been rushing to get this blogged for you.  For today only, this mesh maxi dress is free at LaRosa.  This is a perfect spring or summer dress!

Other credits:
Hair:  Truth January
Earrings:  Izzie's (former gift)
Nails:  Izzie's 2012 Fall/Winter collection 
Necklace:  Chop Zuey Apache Warrior men's
Shoes:  Felicity Monique
Pose by exposeur 

Four more days.....

Until the Men's Wear Fashion Week event.  The biker men's vest (with and without pocket) and brown mesh jeans will be available.  You will look H-O-T in this combination.  The landmark to MWFW will be provided on Friday. 

Other credits:
Hair:  Redgrave Tyler
Skin:  Redgrave Chris
Boots:  Gabriel Shearling Brown 
Necklace part of JStyle gifts

April 15, 2013

Men's Wear Fashion Week

The countdown has begun for the Men's Wear Fashion Week event.  Several designers will have their creations available at a discounted price.  This event takes place from April 19-22 with fashion shows every day.  IMaGE Factory is a participant and from now until the day of the opening, I will feature an item (or items) that may be found at this store.  The landmark will be provided on April 19.  You won't want to miss this, lots of things going on  - parties - fashion shows - savings!! 

(Sold separately)
Carter casual long sleeved shirt with plaid cuffs and collar
Roll up jeans with plaid cuffs

Other credits:
Hair:  Redgrave Tyler
Boots:  IMaGE Factory Military Boots in Black 
Poses by D.Luxx purchased here on the Marketplace

April 13, 2013

Lucille is at A&A

The group gift for this week at A&A is called Lucille, fashioned after the hilarious comedienne Lucille Ball.  I am loving his hair style!


Other credits:
Lip Color:  Oceane's Body Design Metallic Red
Eyelashes:  Avoki Long Curl 02
Dress:  Vita Bella Bombshell Wiggle (free in the store)
Bracelets:  Virtual Impressions Moonstone Beaded
Shoes:  HC Lea purched on the Marketplace here
Earrings and nails no longer available
Poses by gesticulate

April 12, 2013

7 Deadly S{K}ins

Are you ready for some skin?  7 Deadly S{K}ins is having a presale on Vanity, the 4th skin in the series.  This will take place April 13 from 12-1 p.m. and 6-7 a.m.  For Vanity, there are 12 bodytypes, 4 skin tones, 7 makups and Tango appliers.  Go ahead - be deadly - be sinful!

DEF shape with B3a T2 skin

Other credits:
Hair:  A&A Cele
Earrings:  Eluzion Akasha
Lingerie:  Angel Dessous Frances
Nails:  Synthetique Color Tactics Red No. 9
Shoes:  VIP Creations
Poses by exposeur, Desire, and D.Luxx

April 11, 2013

Chop Zuey and 7 deadly s{K}ins April Group Gifts

When I received the group gift from 7 deadly s{K}ins, I knew what I wanted in my look.  This skin reminds me of a flower child of the 70s, lightly freckled with beautifully painted art around the eyes.  Adding to that is the group gift from Chop Zuey, the sparkly head band.  Peace, love and far out!

Other credits:  
Top and boots:  Ydea Pinky (new gift)
Jeans:  Bitter Bunny Designs Sweet as Eff
Earrings:  Avoki (part of feather fantasy gift)
Nails:  Glamorize Metallic in Fuschia
poses by wet cat
Hair no longer available

April 10, 2013

Madrid Solo

The April group gift from Madrid Solo is a unisex makeup.  

Other credits:
Hair:  Tukinowaguma Althea
Earrings:  Eluzion Gabina
Dress:  Maai Pix
Lashes no longer available

April 9, 2013

Baby Monkey Group Gifts!

Baby Monkey has 4 group gifts out now and I am showing you three of them.  The Caprice sequin dress comes with a hud so you can have a choice in color.  The Ultimate Portia Sequin and Roxane shoes come with a hud as well. 

Other credits:
Hair:  Boon NMR 122
Earrings:  Eluzion Idaline
Nails:  Candy Nail BS March 
Poses by Adorkable Poses

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