May 2, 2013

Sand and Sea Expo

Is OPEN!  There you will find anything from a beach home to a boat!  As a blogger for this event, I was able to get a sneak preview of what the designers had created and I was stunned - this is an AMAZING sim and the designers are top notch.  I walked all over the place (I think I wore a hole in my tennis shoes!), as I wanted to see everything.  Plus, you can grab some fins and a snorkel and go underwater to see more beautiful items for sale.  And the Beachcomber event is here as well, you will look for a purple shell, click on it and you could win the prize inside.  And if you don't, you can come back in a couple hours and try again.  This event runs through May 5 so hurry - walk - RUN as summer is approaching and that means time spent on the beach or in the water and this is the perfect place to grab what you need to have a wonderful summer time. 

Beach Landing 
Relaxing under a Beach Fort

Oooo, I found a rubber ducky!

Me and my shoulder buddy from KittyCatS

Hanging 10 (or hanging on!)

Underwater area

Sand and Sea Expo Beach Landing
Sand and Sea Expo Underwater Landing
Diving suit by NDiver
Shoulder buddy by KittyCatS


  1. Yay Trey! What a great post!! I love the picture of you surfing!! You are a way better surfer than me, haha! We are so you made it to the event!

    <3 Cortez

  2. Yay, Trey! What a great post!! I love the picture of you surfing. You are a much better surfer than me, hahaha! We are so glad you could make it to the event!

    <3 Cortez


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