May 9, 2014

BBB - Boobs, Butts and Beyond

The BBB event features designers with implant friendly creations to help Breast Cancer Action.  This event hits close to home as I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 10 years ago (in August 2004) and beat it!  Please go this event and make a donation, buy items, help out as much as you can to help stomp out cancer!  Maai has two creations.  The Tuga gown is a floral strapless gown with a mix of flowers and solid pink on the skirt.  This gown is stunning!  The Morena corset comes with white panties, and you have a choice of either light (white, pink or blue) or dark (black, red or purple) corset colors.  These items are exclusive to this event. 

Maai @ Boobs Butts and Beyond

Hair:  Vanity Hair Dolly and Casual Affair
Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet:  Izzie's Butterfly (group gift)
Poses by Desire 

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