July 31, 2014

55 at LIV Glam

It's 55 Thursday at LIV Glam and two outfits you will find are sophisticated and stylish.  Dancing in the Dark a shorts/top set with belt features short puffed sleeves and button down front.  Tenerife Sea is sleeveless with a long ballooned out peplum skirt and black ankle length pants.  Both come with a 3 color hud for choices.  "Live" Glam - be chic!

LIV Glam

First Photo:
Hair:  CaTwA Amanda
Necklace and Earrings:  Bliensen + Mai Tai Laylah
Boots:  LIV Glam Christa for Slink high feet

Second Photo:
Hair:  Slink Nicolette
Earrings:  Bliensen + Mai Tai Yasmine
Shoes:  LIV Glam Lorena
Poses by The Muse Poses


July 29, 2014

Tuesday at LIV Glam

LIV Glam Tuesday features several items.  Origins of Love is a sexy but sweet strapless dress with a heart cut-out in the front and big bow tied in the back.  The Paige wedge heel features the "no heel" look and is for Slink high feet.  Both come with color huds for variations in pantones.  

LIV Glam Tuesday

Hair:  Analog Dog Delora
Poses by Di's Opera
Location:  Rico's Tea House

July 26, 2014


Pretense Poses is at The Attic at The Deck with a 7 pose set - Bikini Lovin'.  This event runs until July 31.  

Pretense Poses at The Attic @ The Deck

Hair:  Exile She Loves You
Swim Wear:  Ruxy's (no longer available)
Glasses:  MIEL Meow Peepers
Shoes:  VG Shoes Hollywood for Slink mid feet
Location:  Boomerang

July 25, 2014

More LIV Glam-ness for Friday!

It's almost the weekend and LIV Glam still has lots of deals going on for those weekend affairs.  You want something where all eyes will be on you when you walk in to the room?  LIV Glam has it in Casso O, a simple but very chic dress.  And Sleeping Satellite is an super sexy dress with straps on one side along with gold buttons.  Pair either one of these with the Crista boot (for Slink high feet), an elegant Gladiator style strappy boot that features a lion emblem on the front.  All come with a color hud so you have many options.  Start the weekend out in style from LIV Glam!

Casso O and Crista Boots

Sleeping Satellite and Crista Boots

LIV Glam 


Hair:  Pocket Mirrors Myrtle (Crisso O) and EMO-tions Raider (Sleeping Satellite)
Earrings:  MONS Lighting
Eye Makeup:  Dulce Secrets Boudoir 5 color pack @ Designer Showcase
Poses by PosESion 

July 24, 2014

It's a LIV Glam Kinda Day!

Chic LaMode, LIV Glam Tuesday, K Collection and 55 Thursday are all going on at LIV Glam and you will find several items at a discount to add to your wardrobe.  All come with a color hud for choices in textures/colors.  I don't know about you, but I can never have enough new things to wear!

Chic LaMode Diving for Hearts Bag 1

LIV Glam Tuesday Roller Blades (outfit) Bag 1 and K Collection Lorena

55 Thursday Half Lights Bag 1 (outfit) and Mahogany Retro Heels in Brown

LIV Glam 
Chic LaMode

Diving for Hearts
Hair:  EMO-tions Rob
Earrings and bracelet no longer available - store closed
Shoes:  HollyHood Hart for Slink high feet
Poses by In Pose (store closed)
Location:  Neva Sky Villi

Rollerblades and Lorena for Slink high feet
Hair:  LoQ'ue Liqueur 
Earring:  Eluzion Jesselle
Poses by Pose Me 
Location:  The Pixel Bean 

Half Light Bag 1 and Mahogany Retro Heel in Brown for Slink high feet
Hair:  Tukinowaguma Celso
Earrings:  Minami Violet purchased on the Marketplace
Bracelets:  Phoebe's Piercings Soft Summer
Poses by Pose Me
Location:  The Pixel Bean 

July 23, 2014

Maai Ruya

This beautiful summer dress is available at Maai - Ruya.  Ruya is a halter type dress with belt and printed material, and comes in 6 colors.  


Hair:  LoQ'ue Gin
Earrings:  Lena BenS Beauty purchased on the Marketplace
Shoes:  LIV Glam Abel for Slink high feet
Poses by Pretense Poses @ My Attic The Deck
Location:  Moonlight Teahouse

July 21, 2014

Give Me Some Skinny Love and Harmoney!

One of the outfits from LIV Glam for Chic La Mode is called Skinny Love.  There are 4 different texture packages to choose from.  Skinny Love is a sleeveless ruffled blouse and belted shorts.  I am wearing Skinny Love with Harmoney shoes (for Slink high feet) from ZOZ (@ Cosmopolitan Sales Room).  You will find Harmoney in Blue and Earthy at this event. 

LIV Glam Chic La Mode
ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Hair:  LoQ'ue Gingerbread
Earrings:  Swallow Riflesso
Poses by Pretense Poses Bikini Lovin @ The Deck
Location:  Aspen Fell


ZOZ is at Designer Circle with Slink nail huds - Shimmer Romance and Shimmer Summer.  Designer Circle runs from July 19 through August 2.  

ZOZ @ Designer Circle

Hair:  No longer available, store closed
Top:  LIV Glam Court and Spark (part of outfit)
Shorts:  LIV Glam I Want You Back (part of outfit)
Shoes:  LIV Glam Rhi (For Slink mid feet)
Pose Prop:  {NanTra} Pose Stool 60L Weekend item

July 19, 2014


I was so excited to get the group notice about the new eyes and group gift from IKON that are now out- the Immortal line.  Immortal comes in two styles, the fantasy "immortal" and the conventional "mortal" look.  Each package comes with 5 sizes of regular eyes, plus mesh eyes and a hud so you can mix and match for a different look.  Immortal comes in 64 colors. 

Immortal in Sage (group gift)

Mortal in Sage

Hair:  Alli & Ali Rod
Earrings and Collar are no longer available - store closed
Bra Top:  LIV Glam Glitter and Gold (part of outfit)
Poses by PosESion 

July 18, 2014

It's Steals and Deals Time

This weekend's Steal and Deals at Felicity is Bethany in Dark Chocolate, Steel Blue and Pixie Green.  Bethany has several options such as heel, sole, strap and metal color changes.  And if you are a group member, don't forget to pick up your special Bethany color in Turquoise Zebra!

Group Gift


Hair:  Exile Betty Lou
Outfit:  LIV Glam I Want You Back
Earrings:  Iron Tiger Lime Ice @ Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room
Pose Prop:  Glitterati Curtains purchased on the Marketplace

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