August 12, 2014

Happy Rez Day - To ME!!

I have been sitting at my computer thinking today is someone's RL birthday and did I forget to buy them a card?  I knew it was a special day and just a few moments ago I was looking at the date on my computer and then it hit me - it is my 5th Rez Day in Second Life!  I honestly cannot believe I am still in SL and still love it.  I am one who gets bored with things after a while, I like to try new things and often and I never imagined myself being in SL for more than a year.  Things are different for me in SL than they used to be.  In the beginning I would hang out with friends at HPI (Help People Island) which no longer exists.  Oh, the good times we had!  Then after a while,  my "SL life" took a different path.  I decided to try blogging and I fell in love.  At first I would blog free "stuff" and then as time has gone by, I have been accepted to blog for various designers.  That is pretty much all I do now and even though I do miss the good ole days, this is my passion.  THANK YOU to those who follow me through my journey and here's to many more years in Second Life!

(As I was thinking about what to wear for my Rez Day post, I decided to be as close to me in RL as possible, even down to the short, blonde hair.  This is what I would actually wear if I had it in my "inventory" in RL!  Also, I have a post on my other blog here as well.) 

I'm This Many

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