Wednesday and Thursday at LIV Glam

Secret Wednesday outfit Right as Rain is simple, yet classy.  The mini skirt and long sleeved hi-low top comes with a hud so you have 6 color choices.  55 Thursday may have you shaking in your boots with the Suki platform boots (requires Slink high feet).  The thigh high, buckle all the way down boot has an interesting element INSIDE the platform.  Plus, a hud allows for 16 color choices.  And top that outfit off with the Thea handbag that allows you to change color on two sides, so you can have either one or two colors of handbag.  An included AO will keep you from knocking yourself in the head with your bag and perfect for taking photos!

Hair:  Vanity Hair Novak (New!)
Skin:  Ooh-la-licious Marilyn in Honey
Location:  Neva Sky Villi 


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