October 14, 2014

Ima Skateboarding Hippie Chick!

EverGlow is at the Vintage and Cool Fair with some really far out poses.  There are 4 groovy boxes of Skateboard poses, two include the board that you throw on the ground, sit and then select a pose.  The other two you just click and pose.  There are 9 poses in each of these boxes.  Hippie poses are cool modeling poses and you get 10 in the box.  These poses are exclusive to this event so you don't want to miss them.  The fair runs until October 24.  Peace!

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3

Hippie 2

EverGlow at the Vintage and Cool Fair

Helmet (includes hair):  *BR* Skate Helmet - Unisex purchased on the Marketplace
Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Colorful Life
Elbow Pads:  Purchased on the Marketplace
Knee Pads:  SAQ ACO Purchased on the Marketplace
Shoes:  OPOPOP Dawa V#2

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