June 25, 2015

New, Hunts and Bargains!

New lingerie items at Carrie's Lingerie.  Layna and Erin are sensual and sexy, can be worn with stockings, garters and gloves.  Various appliers are included.



Beloved Jewelry introduces Mariposa at the Flawless Hot Summer Nights Sale and Hunt.  The Tiara, necklace and earrings are texture change for metal and stone colors.  The hunt item is Hot Summer Nights, a Peridot necklace and earring set.  


Storax Tree has some great bargains.  Pictured are Joie de Modestie Room Divider Bp @ the Fi Friday Outlet, Joie de Couture Mannequin Df, and Clay and Bamboo Vases Ag at the Sales Room.  

Carrie's Lingerie
Beloved Jewelry @ Flawless Hot Summer Nights Sale and Hunt 
Storax Tree @ Fi Friday
Storax Tree Sales Room

Hair:  Analog Dog Sambuca (New)
Shoes:  Maai New Love 
Poses:  Behaviour Body Runway (former gift)

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