Signature Pose, ShiZZo and VG Shoes

Signature Pose has two new pose sets each for the guys and gals.  In this post I am using Iwone.  ShiZZo has a new group gift, the Metal Bow Headbands in 3 colors.  VG Shoes is at the Black Dot Project with the Chevron skirt in 6 colors, Lola shoe for Slink and TMP at 50% off, and a new exclusive release shoe Michelle (for Slink and TMP).

VG Shoes Chevron skirt in Cotton Candy and Michelle shoes in Nude

Signature Pose and ShiZZo
VG Shoes @ Black Dot Project

Hair:  Damselfly Asha (former group gift)
Earrings:  LIVGlam Aemilia sold on the Marketplace
Top:  PROMAGIC Open Back Halter purchased on the Marketplace
Location:  MISS SL Organization/Disco Italy


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