October 31, 2016

New at Sn@tch

Happy Halloween!  And although these are not Halloween related, Sn@tch has some spook-tacular new releases.  If you love hair like I do, there are two new styles - Bombshell and Bessie Steampunk.  Bessie comes with goggles and both come in Gothic, Fades, Pastels and Naturals.  For the sexy side, there is the Amelie lingerie set in various colors.  And to get punky, the Desi Rococo leggings.  Grab your broom and fly on over to Sn@tch!

Sn@tch Bombshell and Amelie 1

Sn@tch Bessie Steampunkand Desi 1


1st Photo
Shoes:  Maai New Love
Pose:  Pink Insidious Pesky
2nd Photo
Jacket:  Entice So Cruel
Corset:  Sn@tch Prime Suspect
Boots:  Meli Imako Mesh Punk Boots purchased on the Marketplace
Pose:  PosESion The Man (former group gift)

October 28, 2016

Scala Freakshow Event

The Scala Freakshow event starts today and Chop Zuey is participating with this Autour du Cou - The Crows of Pearlblossom in black or gold.  Exquisite!

Chop Zuey The Crows of Pearlblossom

Chop Zuey @ Scala Freakshow starting October 28

Dress:  Purple Moon (former Advent gift)
Pose:  KaTink Anna 

October 27, 2016

Crowned Again

I showed you nail huds - Crown - from ZOZ at the Haus of Swag event, so now I am showing you the Crown Tips.  These comes in the same rich, beautiful colors, but with white tips.

ZOZ Crown Tips

ZOZ @ Haus of Swag

Hair:  Damselfly Eilana
Earrings and Necklace:  Lazari Classic Pearls
Ring:  Chop Zuey The Fair Olivia in Black
Dress:  COCO Boat Dress
Pose:  Adorkable Poses Blogger Bubble (no longer available)

Crowned Queen of Scream

ZOZ has more beautiful nail huds at the Haus of Swag event - Crowned and Crowned Tips.  I love the dark, rich colors and they "scream" Fall!

ZOZ Crowned

ZOZ @ Haus of Swag

Hair:  A&A Elvira (new voting gift)
Lipstick:  ZOZ Noir 
Earrings and Necklace:  Chop Zuey Something Wicked (former gift)
Pose:  Focus Poses Peace purchased on the Marketplace (used Animare to adjust pose)

October 26, 2016

Here Kitty Kitty

You are gonna love the group gift for this month from ZOZ, Black Cat in black/white tips.  Purr-fect!

ZOZ Black Cat group gift


Hair:  MPP Juliette (New)
Eyelashes:  Lelutka Mesh Kyra
Earrings:  Chop Zuey It Wasn't Me Kitty (former gift)
Necklace:  Slavia Cat purchased on the Marketplace
Bracelets no longer available
Poses:  PosESion Nails

I am Bold!

ZOZ is at the Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town with gorgeous nail huds - Lynn in Bold and Soft.  The colors are perfect for your Fall wardrobe.  

ZOZ Lynn Bold

ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan Event and Shopping Town

Hair:  MPP Alexandra (new)
Pose:  Glitter Poses Jewelry 

October 19, 2016

Serenade Me

Entice is a sponsor this week for 55 Thursday and there is a plethora of items you will find at the store.  Autumn Serenade Top, Shorts and Nylons are one of my favorites to be casual and stylish at the same time!

Entice Autumn Serenade


Hair:  TRUTH Chrys
Boots:  Entice Rebel 
Pose:  KaTink Anna

October 18, 2016


Halloween is just around the corner, so dress up that costume with some accessories from Zuri Rayna.  French Kiss V2 is a stunning earring, necklace and bracelet set and comes in a variety of color combinations. 

Zuri Rayna French Kiss V2

And for the more traditional Halloween look, Witches Earring and Choker set.  

Zuri Rayna Witches Choker and Earrings Set

Zuri Rayna 

1st Photo
Hair:  CaTwA Victoria
Dress:  G Fields (former Halloween gift)
Pose:  PosESion Dolce
2nd Photo
Hair:  Pocket Mirrors (store closed, no longer available)
Dress:  Glitter Black Corset Dress (group gift)
Pose:  PosESion Madame

October 13, 2016

Soft and Royal Beauty

ZOZ has these stunning nail huds at the Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town - Royal and Soft Beauty.  Royal Beauty are dark, rich colors where as Soft Beauty are the lighter color tones.

ZOZ Royal  Beauty
Royal Beauty

Hair:  enVOGUE Ashley
Dress and Earrings:  Snowpaws Annika @ Designer Showcase
Pose:  PosESion Lola 

October 12, 2016

I Love Fall

I love Fall, the cooler weather, the warm colors in the tree leaves, and no more summer heat!  Designer Showcase has some items that are perfect for Fall.  Loovus has Lasaitu pants and sweater in warm, rich colors.  Lindy's has the Jacie boot in Tawny.  I am posing using BAXE Shoes Female Poses Runway.  There are 10 poses in the package. 

Designer Showcase Loovus, Lindy's BAXE 2

Designer Showcase

Hair:  Amacci Mima
Earrings:  Baubles by Phe Mina

October 11, 2016

I'll Keep My Hands to Myself

Entice is at the Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Center with Hands to Myself, a beautiful lingerie set and nylons (sold separately).  Both come in a variety of colors.  

Entice Hands to Myself

Entice @ Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town

Hair:  Tableau Vivant Fresh Mess
Shoes:  Entice Pretty Shoes
Poses:  Di's Opera Ravissant

October 7, 2016

I Earned It

Entice is at the Liaison Collaborative with this super hot outfit called Earned It.  This comes with the bra, panties, belt, cuffs and choker, and in various colors.  

Entice Earned It 1

Entice @ Liaison Collaborative

Boots:  BAX Regency
Pose:  Di's Opera Aesthetic
Hair no longer available 

Making Memories

ZOZ is at The Dressing Room with stunning nails huds - Memories and Memories Fall. These are beautiful, rich colors for your Fall wardrobe.  

ZOZ @ The Dressing Room

Hair:  Tameless Romy
Pose:  shi.s Hand Poses available on the Marketplace

October 6, 2016

ZOZ at Chapter Four

More beautiful nail huds from ZOZ at Chapter Four October round - Cascade and Cascade Fall.  

ZOZ @ Chapter Four 

Hair:  Amacci Mima
Poses:  Glitter Poses April and May group gifts

October 4, 2016

Happy October!

Wow, I cannot believe it is already October and that means the holidays are fast approaching - yay!  

ZOZ is at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room with beautiful nail huds - Ribbon and Ribbon II,  The colors are rich and decadent and perfect for Fall.


Ribbon II
ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room until October 9

Hair:  ICONIC Coco 
Earrings and Necklace:  Beloved Jewelry Talea (New)
Dress:  Purple Moon Velvet @ Designer Showcase
Poses:  (1st photo) Lost Angel Halloween (available on the Marketplace) and (2nd photo) Glitter group gift June

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