January 31, 2017

Love is in the Air

Well, another month is about to be over and soon, Valentine's will be here.  ZOZ is ready with nail huds - Loved and Loved Tips.  You will find these at the Cosmopolitan Events and Sales Room.  

ZOZ @ Cosmos Loved
ZOZ @ Cosmos Loved Tips

Also, Signature Pose has come out with a new single pose pack - #23.

Signature Pose Set #23

ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town
Signature Pose 

Hair:  Sn@tch London
Dress:  Sn@tch Moon Lace Club Dress
Boots:  Sn@tch Coco Latex 

January 27, 2017

New Poses

Kiss Me Poses has new single poses for Bento hands - Touch and Powder.  

Kiss Me Poses Touch for Bento Hands
Touch (butterfly prop not included)

Hair:  Changes available only on the Marketplace here
Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Hippie n High
Butterfly Prop:  Signature Pose Rosalie

January 26, 2017

Sn@tch is Moving

Some really exciting news from Sn@tch - a moving sale.  Most everything in the store is 75% off until January 31.  Some older Fatpacks will be retiring so now is the time to go stock up.  New this week are the Riot Vends - Runaway Plaid Panties, Rhona Sequin Gown and Virtual Latex Catsuit.  
Sn@tch Riot Vend


Hair:  (in order) - Sn@tch London, Bombshell and Bo
Shoes:  Felicity Isabel (New)
Boots:  BAX Regency
Poses:  Purple Poses Jayce

January 24, 2017

Move Your Body

Entice is at the Lost and Found event with a sleek, curve hugging dress - Move Your Body.  Several textures/colors are available.  

Entice @ The Lost and Found Move Your Body

Entice @ The Lost and Found

Hair:  Sn@tch Paris (New)
Shoes:  Felicity Isabel (New)
Pose:  ALIUD Runway 2 

January 21, 2017

Saturday @ Sn@tch

New releases today at Sn@tch.  A couple are the London hair, which I absolutely love!  Five color huds are available - Naturals, Gothics, Faded, Pastels and Ombres.  And for something sexy, the Maiden Bodysuit. A super sexy Sn@tch Saturday!

Sn@tch New Releases 1-21


Shoes:  Felicity Isabel (New)
Poses:  BAXE Miss USA 3 @ Designer Showcase

January 20, 2017

It's a Shoe Kinda Day

I love shoes!  Felicity has a new style called Isabel.  This strappy, platform shoe is striking and sparkly!  You have many color options on the metals, heel and back.  A variety of colors are available as well.  Life is too short, buy the shoes!

Felicity Isabel


Hair:  TRUTH Gaea January VIP group gift
Top:  Loovus Lasaitu
Pants:  Entice Champs Elysees @ Tres Chic
Poses:  BAXE Shoes Female Poses Runway 

Time to Party!

Yay, it's Friday and that means party time!  kosmetik is at the Applique event with Eyes.vue. Twenty shade options are available, as well eye applier for Catwa and Omega. Package includes mesh eyes and hud for mesh eyes. 
kosmetik and Sn@tch 3

And, Sn@tch has more new releases.  I love the Fishnet and Heart pasties top, as well as the Studded Zipper Knee Socks!  

kosmetik and Sn@tch 1.1

kosmetik @ Applique
kosmetik Main Store

Hair:  Sn@tch Braided Hawk 
Bracelets:  SOCO Studded purchased on the Marketplace here 
Skirt:  Sn@tch Savage Mini 
Shoes:  Sn@tch High Heel Sneaks
Poses:  BAXE Hippie Female Poses

January 19, 2017

I've Got the Blues

The color that is!  kosmetik has released Faded eyes in gorgeous, icy-like colors.  There are 20 color/shade options.  The package includes eyes for Catwa and Omega as well as mesh eyes and hud.  You will find Faded at The Loft event.  And more blue is a stunning jewelry set from Zuri Rayna - Dangle Me Beautiful V2.  There are several color options available.  I am wearing Alexandrite/Diamond/Copper.  

kosmetik and Zuri Rayna

kosmetik @ The Loft
kosmetik Main Store 
Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Hair:  TRUTH Gaea (January VIP group gift)
Top no longer available
Pose:  Focus Poses Peace purchased on the Marketplace here 

January 18, 2017

Bad Habit

Majika's January group gift is Bad Habit, a long, parted down the middle two-toned style.  There is a 50L to join the group.  

Majika Bad Habit Jan group gift


Sweater:  Sn@tch Bess Cropped (New)
Pose:  Adorkable Poses Blogger Bubble (no longer available)

January 17, 2017

Tres Chic

Entice is at the Tres Chic event with the Elysees sweater and jeans (sold separately).  The sweater comes in various colors/French inspired textures on the front and the jeans come in plaids or solids.  
Entice @ Tres Chic

Entice @ Tres Chic

Hair:  Sn@tch Jordy (New)
Shoes:  Loordes of London Shoeseurs (no longer available)
Pose:  BAXE Hippie Poses

New Items Released January 14 from Sn@tch

More new hairstyles and outfits from Sn@tch.  Today I feature the Raku mixed mesh outfit and Pepper hair.  

Sn@tch Jan 14 releases 1

And a cropped sweater that comes in a variety of colors, along with another hairstyle - Jordy.  All hair comes in Naturals, Fades, Ombres, Pastels or Gothics.  

Sn@tch Jan 14 releases 2


Shoes:  Sn@tch Annette Club Heels
Poses:  Image Essentials Heaven @ Designer Showcase

The Arts

ZOZ is at the Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town with two beautiful nail huds - The Arts and The Arts II.  These combine colors in an ombre fashion.  Totally gorgeous!

ZOZ The Arts

ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town 

Hair:  Sn@tch Pepper (New)
Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich In the Dark (New)
Pose:  PosESion Nails II 

January 16, 2017

Into the Darkness

Beautiful Dirty Rich is back with this stunning outfit - In the Dark.  The outfit includes the gloves, stockings, and wings and comes in a variety of colors.  You will find In the Dark at the Elite event.  

Beautiful Dirty Rich In the Dark 2

Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Elite 

Hair:  TRUTH Sugar
Pose:  BAXE Miss Usa 3 @ Designer Showcase

January 14, 2017

More Designer Showcase

A couple more things to show you from the January round at Designer Showcase.  1 Hundred has this cute outfit, which includes the socks/shoes.  And BAXE poses has an 11 pose pack called Miss USA 3.  

1 Hundred BAXE @ Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase 

Hair:  Runaway Designs Jade

January 13, 2017

New from Beloved Jewelry

Beloved Jewelry introduces Acacia earrings and necklace (sold separately).  The long double necklace also drapes in the back.  The earrings are double as well.  Both are texture change for metals and gems.  For a limited time (until January 19) you can buy Acacia for 60L at the My 60L Secret Sale at the store.  Absolutely stunning!

Beloved Jewelry Acacia 1

Beloved Jewelry

Hair:  TRUTH Gaea (January VIP group gift)
Dress:  Sn@tch Mari Lace Gown
Poses:  PosESion January group gift

January 12, 2017

New Releases @ Sn@tch

Are you ready for more new releases from Sn@tch?  Just a few is the Milan Peplum top and the Two-Faced Jeans.  The top comes in various colors and the jeans come with a hud to change colors/textures.  

Sn@tch New Releases 1-11-17


Hair:  TRUTH Kati (January VIP group gift)
Necklace:  Serenity Rentals group gift
Shoes:  KC Couture Fabiola @ Designer Showcase
Pose:  PosESion group gift for January 

January 11, 2017


This month's VIP gift(s) from TRUTH are amazing!  You get TWO hairstyles, along with color huds for both.  There is a one time fee of 350L to join the group, but it is so worth it.  Gaea is a short, pixie style, where Kati is a medium wedge-like cut going from shorter in the back to longer in the front.  

TRUTH January VIP gifts


Dress:  Sn@tch Dana Mixed Mesh
Poses:  PosESion January group gift

Mesh Body Addicts

Entice is at the Mesh Body Addicts with this very sexy lingerie set - Mrs. Robinson.  You have a choice of either pinstripe or weave.  Sold separately are the Mrs. Robinson nylons in pinstripe or weave.  

Entice @ MBA

ZOZ is also at the MBA with nail huds - Celebration and Celebration 2.

ZOZ @ Mesh Body Addicts

Entice and ZOZ @ Mesh Body Addicts

Hair:  TRUTH Gaea January VIP group gift
Earrings:  Lazuri Classic Pearls set
Shoes:  Lindy's Annora
Poses:  PosESion January group gift and Drama 

January 7, 2017

And, Then There was Sn@tch

More new releases from Sn@tch (man, Ivey sure is a busy lady, does she ever take a break??).  Well, good thing she doesn't as you wouldn't have all this great Sn@tch-ness!  New is the Noona leather club dress, the Dope socks and fishnets and two hair styles, Dakota and Lola (I am wearing the lovely Lola).  

Sn@tch New Releases Jan 7


Shoes:  Lindy's Mady 
Pose:  BAXE Miss USA 3 @ Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase Celebrates

During the month of January, Designer Showcase celebrates its 6th Anniversary!  Each month from the 5th until the 31st, you will find a variety of creations in one place.  What is better than one stop shopping!

This month, PurpleMoon features the Bambi bodysuit.  This comes in system clothing and appliers, as well as various colors.  If you love shoes like I do, then KC Couture has one for you.  Fabiola, a strappy high heel comes with a hud so you can change colors on all parts of the shoe.  And, Image Essentials has a four pose pack - Bento Heaven.  You will have to have the Bento viewer to use these poses properly, but it is not necessary to have the Bento hands.  

Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase

Hair (no longer available)
Hands:  Vista Barnes Bento ProHands Fem V.2 Beta purchased on the Marketplace here

January 6, 2017

Darkness Chamber

Sn@tch is at the Darkness Chamber event with this exclusive long hair style - January.  She comes in Naturals, Gothics, Pastels, Ombres and Fades.  

Sn@tch @ Darkness Chamber January

Sn@tch at Darkness Chamber

Bodysuit:  Entice Earned It
Pose:  Glitter Poses April group gift

January 5, 2017

Still Got the Party Left in Me!

Sn@tch released more new items on January 4.  The Aisha Batik party dress and the Sheerer and Sheerest stockings.  The Sn@tch and Grab for this week is the Laila hair. She comes in Naturals, Ombres, Gothics, Pastels and Fades.  Continue to party on!

Sn@tch New Releases Jan 4


Shoes:  Lindy's Mady in Nude
Poses:  ALIUD Poses Runway 2

January 4, 2017

I Declare

Entice is at The Chapter Four event with Precious Declaration coat.  An enclosed hud allows choices in coat, collar and ruffle colors.  

Entice Precious Declaration

Entice @ The Chapter Four

Hair:  Majika Honey Whiskey
Necklace:  Zuri Rayna Jewelry Poinsettia
Boots:  VG Shoes Dana Nude (sold on the Marketplace only here)
Pose:  BAXE Shoes Female 

January 3, 2017

Bring in the New

A new year means new things!  Entice brings you Make Me dress for the Buy Now January event on the Marketplace.  Enter the keywords "BN17 - Buy Now".  The dress is sold in a fatpack and comes with a texture hud for 4 color options. 

Entice Make Me Dress Buy Now January

ZOZ is at 2 events - the January round of Chapter Four with the Sarah and Sarah Tips nail huds.

ZOZ @ Chapter Four Sarah Tips
Sarah Tips 

And at the Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town with New Years Night and New Years Day nail huds.

ZOZ New Years Night Polish @ Cosmo
New Years Night

Entice Buy Now on the Marketplace "BN17-January"
ZOZ @ Chapter Four

Credits: (in order of photo)
Hair:  Sn@tch Tara and Morgan (both new)
Headband:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Hippie n High (part of outfit)
Shoes:  Sn@tch Taylor Suede
Necklace:  Moondance Jewels Kaori Falls 
Poses:  The Muses Poses Sue (no longer available); exposeur Adorably Awkward available on the Marketplace here; PosESion Marina 

January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year!  I look forward to blogging for 2017 so let's start with some new items from Sn@tch.  You are gonna love the Pixie Lacy Lingerie (which comes in lights and darks) and the Morgan hair (have I mentioned in the past that I am a hair fiend??).  

Sn@tch New Releases 12-28-16


Shoes:  Maai New Love
Poses:  EverGlow Hippie and Glitterati Backed Up (available on the Marketplace here)

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