April 14, 2017

Pose Fair 2017 and Entice

Yes, the Pose Fair starts today at noon!  I am always on the lookout for poses as that is critical to a blogger.  Having the right poses is as important as wearing the items you are blogging.  So, yesterday I walked through the Pose Fair and got a couple of poses.  The first one was for bloggers to review - Artis.  There were several props in the package but my favorite was Caged.  There are over 10 animations in this pose prop.  This one is awesome!

Artis Caged 1

I purchased a pose pack from Gingerfish - Slow Burn.  These are for Bento hands and are great modeling poses!

And, Entice is at the ON9 event with Spring Affair.  This outfit includes the top and bra, pants/boots and come with a hud to change colors/textures on all.  I feel Springy!

Entice and Gingerfish 3

Entice @ ON9
Artis and Gingerfish @ Pose Fair 2017

1st Photo
Hair:  Tameless Everly
Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich In the Dark
Pose Prop:  KaTink Window 

2nd Photo
Hair:  Magika Honest 10 year anniversary group gift

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