September 26, 2017

Zuri Rayna Jewelry

I have several pieces to show you from Zuri Rayna Jewelry, some that you will find in store and another at an event.  First, the Lilith Spider headdress.  This is perfect for Halloween!  This is available in three colors, I am wearing Crimson.

Zuri Rayna Lilith Spider headdress 1

Another item you will find in the store is the Lotis Collection.  This set is stunning.  There is a matching crown available as well.  

And finally, at the SOS event is Sugar Drops.  Another gorgeous set and available in several color combinations.  

Zuri Rayna Jewelry Store
Zuri Rayna Jewelry @ SOS Event

1st  two photos:
Dress:  PurpleMoon former Halloween gift

2nd two photos:
Hair:  ploom Imogen
Dress:  Sn@tch Cleo Velvet gown

3rd two photos:
Hair:  Vanity Hair Athina
Dress:  Sn@tch Rhona Beaded gown

Poses:  PosESion Obscura

September 25, 2017

Special and New

Beloved Jewelry is at the Inspiration SL event with  Jonquil leather jewelry.  Some pieces you will find are a leather choker, long necklaces, earrings, leather bracelets, leather upper arm bands and a ring.  And Sn@tch has some specials and new items - Coco hair, Horror Doll crop top, Monster Corset mini skirt and Omara Oxford booties.  Happy Fall Y'all!

Beloved Jewelry and Sn@tch 1

Beloved Jewelry @ Inspiration SL

Poses:  Pink Insidious Pesky

September 15, 2017

BIG Sale!

The Flawless Collective is having a 72 hour sale starting today and the prices are ridiculously low!  Entice is offering Shik Shak Shok top and skirt.  There are several colors to choose from, or buy the Fatpack and get two bonus colors.  
Entice 1


Hair:  TRUTH HoneyAna
Bracelets:  Chop Zuey Dirty Shepherdess
Shoes:  Lindy's Zelda
Poses:  PosESion Dark Art

September 14, 2017

Especially For You

Some Sn@tch Specials this week include this sensual bustier - Katana Latex in Darks and Pastels and Willow Hair, a gorgeous messy upstyle that is very sexy.  

Sn@tch specials 1


Pants/Boots:  Beautiful Dirty Rich In the Silence
Necklace and Bracelets:  Chop Zuey Shadow of Iris
Poses:  PosESion Roma

September 12, 2017

Playing Around

Entice is at the We <3 Role-Play event with this stunning gown - Carmina Burana.  You can buy single colors or, if you get the Fatpack, you get two bonus colors.  

Entice @ We Love Role-Play 1

Entice @ We <3 Role-Play

Hair:  TRUTH Athena (September VIP group gift)
Poses:  PosESion Marina

September 8, 2017

Heading in to the Weekend

The Vanessa Beaded Lingerie in Darks or Pastels is available at Sn@tch.  Relax in this beautiful, yet simple lingerie set, makes you feel like a woman!

Sn@tch Specials 1


Hair:  Sn@tch Ava (New)
Poses:  Di's Opera Ravissante
Screen Prop:  Kei-Spot Kei's Privacy Screen

September 5, 2017

Gimme an S!

For Sn@tch!  New items this week include Charlie Jersey hoodie, Logan Cheer mini skirt, and Britney Hair.  Go Sn@tch!

Sn@tch New 1


Shoes:  Sn@tch Street Hi-Tops
Poses:  Signature Pose Set #016

September 2, 2017

Just Your Imagination

Entice is at the Imaginarium event with Dragon Queen gacha (Common and Rare) and single sale items.  

Entice 1

Following is a key of gacha items:

Entice @ Imaginarium

Hair:  Analog Dog Network
Poses:  PosESion Nails Set

September 1, 2017

Good Ending to a Bad Week

The sun has been out a few days now and it is so nice outside.  The temps are unseasonably cool here, which I love.  Cold weather can't come soon enough!

Sn@tch has new Riot Vends, Boop Boop bodysuit and Candie hair.  

Happy first day of September!

Sn@tch specials 1


Poses:  Di's Opera Aesthetic

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