October 30, 2017

Something Wicked

Sn@tch came out with new items this weekend and some are Halloween perfect!  The Rhea hair is a sexy long messy style and comes in a variety of colors.  The Vega Velvet gown has a plunging neckline and then the Thana horned headpiece completes my look.  The skull on top comes with a hud for color changes.

Sn@tch new 1.1

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!


Shoes:  Sn@tch Salma Strappy
Pose:  Glitterati Model Pack 34 only on the Marketplace here

October 28, 2017

Hunting at Entice

There is a hunt going on at Entice - the Enticing Halloweeny Hunt.  There are several hunt items, each 25L,  Just a few are the Superstitious shirt, skirt, nylons and skull face tattoo. The hunt goes on until November 1.  
Entice Hunt 1


Hair:  Tameless Morir
Earrings:  ICED Ghostly Spider available on the Marketplace here
Poses:  PosESion Drunk (group gift)

October 24, 2017


New items at Sn@tch and they are "spooktacular"!  Vamp hair is a long ponytail and comes in a variety of colors.  The Mimi mini skirt and Captive web tights will be great for a Halloween look.  Bootiful!

Sn@tch new 1


Earrings:  ICED Ghostly Spider Web available on the Marketplace here
Top:  Sn@tch Cage Strappy
Shoes:  Lindy's Mady
Poses:  Glitterati Model Pack 34 available on the Marketplace here

October 23, 2017

Designer Showcase Part 3

The close of the October round of Designer Showcase is around the corner and there are some great designers with fantastic fashions to be bought!  Entice has this really cute dress - Gypsy Queen.  This comes in a variety of colors.  And, PurpleMoon has the Awilda boots.  A color hud allows choices.  

Designer Showcase Pt 3

Designer Showcase

Hair:  TRUTH Kati
Pose:  Glitterati Model Pack 34 available only on the Marketplace here

October 20, 2017

Hunting Souls

Beautiful Dirty Rich has a remake of an old outfit - Hunting Souls.  This outfit includes top, pants, gloves, horns, shoes, wings, bloody tattoo makeup, Catwa teeth (not worn) and choker.  Various colors are available.  


Beautiful Dirty Rich

Hair:  Sn@tch Logan
Poses:  PosESion Halloween Gift and Dark Art
Location:  Pacifique Halloween 2017

October 19, 2017


Tameless is at the Dark Style event with an exclusive - Damned.  This includes the dress, wings, head dress and Monster eyes with color hud (previously blogged).  

Tameless and Zuri Rayna 1

Zuri Rayna Jewelry has created the Teardrop choker to go along with the earrings and head dress that is in the store.  Stunning colors are available.  

Tameless and Zuri Rayna 2

Tameless @ Dark Style
Zuri Rayna Jewelry


Hair:  Vanity Hair Tiffany
Poses:  Image Essentials Khaleesi

October 18, 2017

Footloose and Fancy Free!

Entice is at several events this month.  At The Guest List you will find Come Join the Murder Fall outfit.  This outfit is complete with jacket, shirt and jeans and comes with a hud for color choices on all.  At Tres Chic is Footloose boots in Darks and Lights. 

Entice 1

Entice at The Guest List
Entice at Tres Chic

Hair:  ARGRACE Sakura (group gift)
Poses:  Di's Opera Ravissante
Location:  Milal's Autumn The Cedars

October 17, 2017

Blood Dragon

Tameless is at the Darkness event with an exclusive - Blood Dragon.  This comes with the dress, wings, horns headband and eyes with color hud.  
Tameless 1

Tameless at Darkness event

Hair:  Sn@tch Amber (New)
Shoes:  Sn@tch Jealousy Platform
Poses:  PosESion Obscura

October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday and a Friday the 13th!  If you are still looking for that perfect Halloween costume, then following are some options.  Sn@tch has new specials - the Deadly Latex Corset top and Amber hair.  Both come with huds for choices in colors.  

Sn@tch 1

Tameless is at the TWE12VE event with an exclusive - Temptress.  This includes the dress, wings, gloves, monster eyes with color hud.  And Zuri Rayna Jewelry has beautiful rings - Filigree.  These will make any outfit stylish!

Tameless and Zuri Rayna Jewelry 1

Tameless @ TWE12VE
Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Skirt:  Sn@tch Adora Full Skirt
Poses:  Purple Poses Spencer
Nail Huds:  Moondance Black and White @ Designer Showcase
Poses:  PosESion Nails II

October 12, 2017

More from Designer Showcase

So much to see, so much to buy at the October Designer Showcase!  [LIZ] is offering Feronica dress in two variations.  Lindy's has Nita shoes in various colors, and Moondance has nail huds in two color huds, I am wearing Black and White.  

Designer Showcase Part 2 1

Designer Showcase

Hair:  TRUTH Arden
Poses:  BAXE Miss USA

October 11, 2017

More from Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Yesterday, I blogged one of the hunt items from Zuri Rayna Jewelry - Skelli in orange/black.  Today, I am showing you one of the colors that is on promo for 299L.  This one is Pewter/Diamond and there are several others to choose from.  Perfect for your Halloween ensemble!

Zuri Rayna Jewelry Skelli 1

Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Hair:  Tameless Morir (New)
Dress:  Sn@tch Theresa Lace Party Dress
Heels+Stockings:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Just a Rebel (New)
Poses:  PosESion Drunk Poses (group gift)

October 10, 2017


Halloween will be here soon, and and if you love to dress up, following are some really good ideas.  The Skin and Bones tights are new from Sn@tch.  An included hud allows choices for colors.  Tameless has a new hair style - Morir.  You can choose from Fantasy or Natural colors and change colors on the flowers in the hair.  Two hunts are going on at Zuri Rayna Jewelry and Skelli necklace/earrings in orange/black is free for group members and 10L for non group members.  Entice is at The Makeover Room with Sugar Skulls face tattoo.  And lastly, Izzie's has Bloody Eyes group gift.  Perfectly dressed up for Halloween!

10-9 1

Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Entice @ The Makeover Room

Top:  Sn@tch Macy Ribbon Lace Bustier
Shoes and Poses no longer available

October 9, 2017

October Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase is back in full swing for October with lots of great designs.  DE Boutique features Honey dress with boots.  You have a choice of either solids or prints on the dress and the boots come in black.  Dulce Secrets has Soul eyes in two color huds for Lelutka and Catwa eyes.  

Oct DS 1

Designer Showcase

Hair:  TRUTH Gaea
Earrings:  Baubles by Phe Mina
Poses:  Di's Opera Ravissante

October 7, 2017

Entice at We Love Role Play

Entice is at the We Love Role Play event with an exclusive item - Be My Wench.  Several color options are available.  

Entice WLRP

Entice @ We Love Role Play

Hair:  Truth Sugar
Shoes:  Lindy's Poppy
Pose:  EverGlow Juicy
Location:  DaVinci Gardens

October 5, 2017

Horns and Corsets

New specials at Sn@tch.  Drucilla hair is a long part down the middle style that comes with black horns.  The sexy Solange Corset bodysuit laces up the front and panties are included.  

Sn@tch 1


Stockings and Heels:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Just a Rebel (New)
Poses:  Diesel Works (former gift, no longer available)

October 4, 2017

Just a Rebel

Beautiful Dirty Rich has some new items and you are gonna love them.  Just a Rebel Open Shirt, Skirt and Heels+Stockings.  An included hud allows for so many choices on colors/textures.  

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Hair:  Tameless Syden
Pose:  BAXE Hippie

October 3, 2017

New @ Sn@tch

Some new items that you will love at Sn@tch.  Brooklyn hair is a medium length part down the middle hairstyle and comes in a variety of colors.  To be warm and toasty, the Seasoned Embossed tights come with a white sweater and wear this with the Boston Velvet mini skirt.  A good start to Fall!

Sn@tch 2


Shoes:  Entice Goody Two Shoes
Pose:  Pink Insidious Pesky

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