November 13, 2017

Sad November

Need something to keep warm for the Fall and Winter days?  Beautiful Dirty Rich has them at the Sad November event.  The Random Day Hoodie and Obsession Fur jacket (V2) are warm and cozy.  Both come with huds for texture/color changes.  

BDR Hoodie

Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Sad November


Hair:  RunAway Jade
Jeans:  Sentinus Mariya
Shoes:  Cay Crystal Designs on the Marketplace here
Pose:  Pink Insidious Pesky

Obsession Fur Jacket
Hair:  Majika Honey Whiskey
Jeans:  Sn@tch Velvet Skinny
Shoes:  Entice Those Shoes
Pose:  Pink Insidious Wrath

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