About Me

The Real Life Me

I am from Texas, a mother and grandmother to 4.  My loves include:

My Lord Jesus Christ (Amen)
My husband!
Living in the country
Our cows (especially the cow babies!)
Music (Classic Rock and Roll is my favorite)
Dancing (country western)
Working in the yard
Food (what can I say, I am a foodie)
Working out ( I exercise on an average of 4 times a week)

My Second Life
Avid blogger.  I started blogging as a result of a friend who blogged, and when she quit for a while, I got the urge to start my own blog.  I started on January 6, 2011.  At first, it was about freebies and then I started sending in blogging applications and it has grown from there.  I blog for various designers and events.  

This journey for me is all about fun.  I tend to stick to myself as I stay very busy blogging. Honestly, I didn't think I would stick with SL for more than a year as I do get bored quite easily, but here I am still going strong and still enjoying it.  Second Life is like escaping reality for just a bit.  My RL is not like my SL or vise versa, they are very different and I like it that way.  

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